22 Million illegal Migrants Living in the US Are to be Given Citizenship

 If a large percentage of the 11-22 million illegal migrants living in the US are given citizenship and voting rights, the democrats will rule the US forever. Mass-immigration is an electoral weapon. Migrants almost always vote for socialists https://t.co/BOAG6YEhUj


Mass-immigration is an electoral weapon- YouTube


 It is much worse then this, we just found out that a total of close to, 2 million came through California 2018 to 2019, and get this, there are plans to build like a house thing like for addicts have. I do not remember at this moment what the addicts housing thing is called.

 You just got to love the Democrat Khazar Jews, oh by the way what the hell is the Republican Party doing ☺☺ fighting over the votes?

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I say put a BOUNTY on these invaders $1 for live ones and 25c for good ones. I am sick of all this nonsense while armies of hate filled savages come here with "GIBS ME MORE" attitude while openly spewing their HATE FOR THE WHITE MAN.


But but Steve they are on Food Stamps, that would piss off the elite, to put a bounty on them, besides, this is what the NWO is all about...:)

Citizen=slave, National=sovereign. People get nationalized not citizenated.

So thats what it is called even in your country, I thought it was called forced multiculturalism...:)

He's right Tif, they just get nationalised, and Then receive Citizenship. They become slaves of the establishment. To lefties it doesn't matter Where they are from or what condition they're in - a slaves a slave, they'll vote and obey. Righties like high earners who make lots of money, but either way they're both worth the same, on my island it's $4.7 mil each, but I'm not sure of their worth on Chris's island. 

When you travel to a foreign country they ask you " what nationality are you"

Because they want to know who owns you. For example, If one should say American, then f.a.t.c.a will follow them from That moment on.  

 I do not travel out of the Holy Land now called America, established by the Tribes of Dan. I am of the Aryan white race of Germany and Tribal. I do not look American Indian, but my dad does.


"Destroying the New World Order"


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