ActivistPost: "Wireless Technology: Ultra Convenient. Delivers Mercury Vapor from Dental Fillings — Free Shipping"

ActivistPost: "Wireless Technology: Ultra Convenient. Delivers Mercury Vapor from Dental Fillings — Free Shipping"

By Peter Tocci

NEWS FLASH – BUT OLD! Here’s an older item that got by me while doing the research for “Wireless Technology: Ultra Convenient. Endlessly Entertaining. Cri...  (distilled version here)

A 2008 study shows that radiation from mobile phones (and MRI) releases into the mouth, to then be inhaled, mercury vapor from dental amalgam fillings. These are ‘politely called “silver fillings” or “silver amalgam” in dental jargon. Interestingly, the vapor is more toxic than if you ingested the elemental form.

The Abstract notes that further study is needed to “…clarify whether other common sources of electromagnetic field exposure…” cause the same effect. Yikes.

No secret, mercury is a profound neurotoxin. One pathway for this is mercury’s affinity for sulfur, a primary component of myelin, the tissue that surrounds, protects and enhances the conductivity of the large nerve-cell axons of the peripheral nervous system.

But there’s also the long-known fact that mercury affects the brain, causing mental instability. The phrase ‘mad as a hatter’ came from observation that hat makers using mercury in their processes often went insane.

An interesting note is that a look at the first-ever Merck® Manual (1899) reveals that allopathic medical wizards were using mercury compounds as medicine. Another good ‘medicine’ was lead arsenate. Were they hat makers before becoming doctors?

But it probably gets a little worse, because wireless delivers a one-two punch at each end of the toxic chain—one in the mouth, one in the brain. In addition to releasing the vapor, it breaks down the blood-brain barrier, likely facilitating elemental mercury’s built-in ability to enter the brain on its own. Even if not, of course, barrier breakdown allows many other toxins to enter the brain that otherwise could not. Then we potentially have the unimaginable complexity of toxin synergy.

Does anyone have the impression that insanity is rising in recent times? It seems like society is going nuts? Little common sense, even less Wisdom. This would include, IMHO, the current bandwagon craze opposing 5G, instead of opposing wireless technology per se, 5G included.

Opposing 5G per se is like saying we’ll let the 500-pound safe drop on our head, but not that nasty 1000-pound one. Is this sanity? Mass rejection of 4G wireless will ensure the collapse of 5G.

But if you think we can get rid of 5G while dancing with the 4G devil and come away clean, there are a couple of bridges and some swamp land with your name on them. Please don’t forget, the worst direct threat posed by wireless is to the environment. This is not being given critical emphasis. It’s mostly about us precious humans."

read the rest here:

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Amalgam fillings have an electric current that can be measured (due to binding of the metals). The higher the current, more mercury will be released.  Mercury also evaporates at 20 ° C (68 F), begins to react chemically with the saliva, with acidic foods and citrus, with the fluoride from the toothpaste, food and hot drinks, chewing gum,  tobacco, the acid pH of the mouth, electromagnetism, etc ….   The vapors were first discovered to be toxic by a surgeon in 1810, and formally declared to be toxic by medical professionals in the year 1823.   But most people still believe the medical professionals are concerned about keeping us healthy.

All living things are energy designed to exist in certain frequencies, so absolutely any wireless technology is a threat to life as we know it.

Great. I have one that I have not had the opportunity to have removed. So far the biggest benefit being spewed about 5G is faster download speeds. Weee! I'll be able to stream movies faster so I can watch 2 at a time! The benefits clearly do not out weigh the consequences.

I had a mouthful of mercury fillings installed when I was a child. Turns out an anti-seizure med I took when I was 5 - 6, Dilantin, messes with a gene involved in gum development (and atrophies the cerebellum, causing autism in some cases). Also, autistics are known to "require more antibiotics". By the time I was 19, it was like I was living through a cloud, Heavy Metal Intoxication. The dentist also used a concentrated fluoride gel contained in a mouth protector such as boxers and football players wear. I still remember that awful, overpowering chemistry set taste, ugh. I got a consolation prize. Although it wrecked my ability to socialize and generally made life hell, I had a sophomore college reading level at age 12.

One of the worst things people can do for mercury is to use insufficient chelators like N-acetyl cysteine or Cilantro. They only have one chemical "hook", and let loose of the mercury before it exits the body. This results in mercury being concentrated in the brain. 15 years of using a Lee Crock Device (defunct business, info is maintained though) helped a great deal, as did serious nootropics (like Phenylpioracetam and other supplements. See the Andy Cutler Method for an effective means to remove mercury from the body. It is exhausting, time- and labor-intensive and dangerous (uses prescription chelators that sometimes remove too many of the metals the heart needs to function). I'll stick with the Lee Crock Device and Mid-Infrared light to heal the brain.

Thanks for all of your replies and yes dissimilar metals create electrical potential in the process of corrosion. Then add in all those factors. I had 12 fillings in mouth when I was a child and suffered from lack of concentration, mental blocks,  ADD+ADHD type symptoms and headaches that I now attribute to long exposure mercury poisoning. I had all my amalgams removed and my two root canals (focus points for disease check "neural therapy") 10 years back and what a difference it has made for me.

I wonder if this could be the cause of my occasional migraines. Completely debilitating if not caught in time and remedied.

I've noticed whenever making cell phone calls I have this vague vision of the grim reaper using his sickle to decapitate people then when I get off the cell phone it subsides. Could it be my fillings? NAH!


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