Pete's Delicious Dox

Pete Is a Shill

A Fax was found in which Pete begs the FBI for help. It turns out...He is an informant as was suspected all along, but now that he is under attack, they are ignoring him.

Pete...Its time the truth came out. We told you to expect us...and that you were out of your league calling us out. Do you still think we are just some kids playing in our basement? We owned you while you were preoccupied. This is how the royal fucking occurs. Your mistake. Learn from it.

Link to the original Document:

Time to a hero...

Proof of truth...

More of the shitbags dirty deeds below:


Makes for good reading or print out and use at toilet paper...

(and of course he will say its all fake...what else can he say? We think you are smart enough to see that it is not. It is just a full dox and vetting by people he should not have called out. This man preys on the weak, the old and the stupid. With his fake mortgage scams forcing people to declare bankruptcy to his ridiculous radio show and twitter spamming network to trick you into buying more of his garbage...while you struggle, he steals and swindles your hard earned money away from you. Forget the donation thefts...look at the crap behind the curtain. We are showing you what a piece of shit this faggot truly is. The worst part is...he runs to the same people he so disgusts on his pulpit, tricking you into believing he is for the people. He is worse than a shill. He is worse than a liar. He is worse than an informant. He is a combination of all things evil. He is lower than the bottom of the barrel. It is your choice to believe what you want and take what you want going forward. We believe in free thought and free choice and as always...We simply put forth the truth.)


We are Anonymous.

We never forgive.

We never forget.


Expect us.

Some of faggots form letters directing people to fraudulently file bankrupcy

Operation Skullfuck!dox/c17b

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Smells like FBI sect of Anonymous to me. Why would an anonymous hacker care and go through so much trouble over PS? From my perspective, this is retaliation for going so hard against Hillary Clinton. The story doesn't add up to me. These "dox" came from government collaborators IMO.

Why is he an FBI informant? Because he is fighting mortgage foreclosure litigation? These "dox" come from numerous sources. It wasn't just some single hack. Someone was watching his closely, from the inside, collecting them all. Probably, because he railed on Hillary Clinton.

Pete hasn't mentioned this at ALL so far on his show today. My god, if I were falsely accused of being an FBI informant that'd be ALL I talked about on my show.

Dude you know how personal this information is? Why would he want to shine a light on that. He is going to have to go through hell now fixing his identity as god only knows how many people are going to create fake accounts with his info now.

An innocent person would defend himself & say the documented fax was fraudulent. He has *NOT*!

Seriously, this pisses me off. Fucking FBI posting dissidents god damn SSN online and slandering/firing media that question the all mighty government. May as well give out his debit card and PIN.

This is obviously information gathered by FBI monitoring him.

Pete has a LONG history of shady business & tarnishing the Truth Movement. Karma's a bitch.

This isn't karma, its a crime.

Pete has long history of criminal activity.

So if the FBI is really behind this, you think its ok because you don't like Pete now? A few months ago you loved him.

Who said the FBI is behind this? Pete was an FBI informant. He fucked-up right there. Perhaps they through him under bus, perhaps not...his fault for colluding. He totally co-opted the Trucker Movement & no one seems to know where the $$$ went. This guy is dirty. (despite being occasionally entertaining)

I'm saying the FBI was behind this and Pete is not an FBI informant. I don't believe the headline. I question the story because it has holes all through it.



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