Australian TV channels that lie consistantly and shove revolting content in front of our kids beg us to believe them on vaccines, Do you believe them?

Most of our elected politicians don't seem to realize that we find them corrupt lying thieving criminals that that talk shit for a living.

More than half Australians distrust the vaccine schedule and question the necessity of some vaccines, the safety of others; and also the effectiveness of these products.

Necessary should speak for itself with only a moments research, Hepatitis B is not prevalent among day old babies, its a disease found among Homosexuals and IV drug users, would you vaccinate your child with an AIDS Vaccine.

Chicken Pox is not and never has been dangerous, neither is measles which in extremely rarely can cause problems 1/1000 get brain swelling 1/1000 of them get serious effects thats 1/1000000 which is however significantly less than vaccine injury which pays out millions of taxpayer dollars on behalf of the Vaccine company's that, when they aren't mandating vaccines because they care so much,are supplying drugs used in the production of ICE to Mexican drug cartels

Or getting our kids hooked on heroin derivatives for profit,

But the government cares i hear you squeal in defense of your brain dead existance, well why then don't they help these children,

Australian government refuses to help children trapped in Syria

And oh yeah theirs this,

Australia: everybody must get vaccinated, except the Prime Minister’s daughters

He did this because he's just so caring he wants these kids to go without, is that a human rights issue? Where the outrage from the left?

It makes perfect sense however to these lawyers, because they are all lawyers trained in lying comfortably, and everybody trusts a lawyer with there kids health?, but they don't care! they know you can't sue them, they'll just say shaken baby syndrome and blame you.

Root of "Shaken Baby" Scam Revealed

I'd trust a cop before the prime minister any day, why would he lie and risk his career and reputation in this hostile Vaccinazi environment where any inquiry is seen as some sort of blasphemy to the vaccine gods. It is our dogma, wheel out the iron lungs,

MP Malcolm Turnbull - whose wealth is estimated at $125m - has defended using a taxpayer funded allowance to pay $175 a night rent for a townhouse owned by his wife.

You've got form Malcolm and no one trusts lawyers, over half Australia thinks you are full of shit and all your fake news, echo chamber outlets are the same prostitute media that lie daily to our faces.


Of course who wants to know they are responsible for the illness effecting there own child which is why vaccines are the perfect vector to deliver whatever they want straight into the blood streams of our children.

Dare question the Vaccine religion and you're anti science right, just don't mention Autism,

No one knows whats causing it yet somehow miraculously from aong the plethera of ingredients in each of these vaccines thay know that its definately not one of those, the science is in, the consensus is complete,

What do you still believe in a flat earth,

well that was a settled consensus, too so was thalidamide statins, even cigarettes were safe and didn't cause cancer, remember? and the earth is the center of the universe

All confirmed scientific facts....until they weren't, that's science, its a process not a destination

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