A documentary following the controversial captivity of killer whales, and its dangers for both humans and whales.

'Blackfish' Trailer

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Doug Stanhope on killer whales in captivity.


What kind of sadist enjoys watching suffering wild animals in captivity.? Honey....you, the kids and me should go to the animal cruelty show.....awesome shit and what a great thing to teach the next generation. 

I don't think the idea that keeping a highly intelligent animal that can weigh up to ten tons & swims a hundred miles a day with a sophisticated & extensive social order of bonding & communication with its' pod, in a tank; ever crosses the applauding zombies' minds that, that's cruel.

Ironic that what's been done to these whales, is essentially the same thing that's been done to the applauding zombies, who've been assimilated into the matrix. (at least on a psychological level)

The mammal known as homosapien is very easily satisfied also when treated badly within the flocks social hierarchy. Easy to feed because they basically dont care what they eat. Very easy to train due to its very naive nature. Simpel to keep just lock em inside a small room with a TV-set and a aspartame drink and theyll be fine for hours and hours.

Sometimes you hear people wondering if there is intelligence in outer space while it's very hard to say if you can find it on this planet. Oh, I forgot the dolphins.

This is exactly why I don't care to go to circuses, zoo's or Seaworld for that matter. I would rather go see animals in their natural habitat or not see them at all. I can't even stand when people have birds in a cage. WTF??? I know they have wings... let them fly free dammit!

Yeah a damn shame.........who killed off ethics and compassion.?

Reps. Schiff and Huffman Discuss Amendment Directing USDA to Act to Protect Captive Orcas

Some only wanna wake up to a certain extent.

You know they eventually go insane. It's inevitable.

Man, this is one tough doc to watch. I think that is so, because it resonates on so many levels with respect to what's been done to Us, collectively, as a Human Species, too...

There's an undeniable commonality.

If you haven't seen it already i would recommend this one.




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