A documentary following the controversial captivity of killer whales, and its dangers for both humans and whales.

'Blackfish' Trailer

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Rare Video Shows Killer Whale Capture

I have seen these beautiful intelligent creatures many times in the wild - in their natural habitat - and caging them for people's "entertainment" is slavery.  This is cruelty and they must be set free.

SeaWorld sees profits plunge 84% as customers desert controversial park 



Recently Spotted 103-Year-Old Orca Is Bad News For SeaWorld -- Here's Why


Fuck Sea World. Fuck Israel. Why can't humanity just Unite & Fuck everything that sucks & is toxic?

Seriously. Fuck the stock market. Fuck the federal reserve. Fuck war. Fuck zionism.

The list goes on & on & on...

It never fucking ends!

Jesus Christ! When are enough awakened People finally gonna wake-up

& end this shit once & for All?!

I'm sick of this shit.

Yep. Somehow I've managed to integrate the appalling torture that the Israelis inflict upon the Palestinians with the appalling torture that Sea World inflicts upon Killer Whales. (Orcas).

Am I a genius?


I just know torture & genocide when I see it.

Sorry, SeaWorld. Floating Orcas AREN'T Normal.

Many of SeaWorld's orcas, like Tilikum, can often be seen listlessly floating at the top of their tanks or on the tank floor, sometimes for hours on end. But while SeaWorld would have you believe that their whales are just taking naps, floating is hardly a normal behavior for wild orcas.

Read On:


I thought you had dog (s)?

Some cats do very well indoors. Others (like my hybrid) goes apeshit. I have to take him out on the leash but it's still never enough. Most dogs need to go for walks everyday for a long time. A lot of dog owners are too lazy though & their dogs go apeshit.

I think this is a good representation of SeaWorld.



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