By Anna Von Reitz

Just today I was talking with a friend about her concerns about her employer-based credit union and I explained that all banks and credit unions are obligated to "denominate" the digits representing funds in our accounts as "lawful money" if and when we request this. 
In real terms this means that you digits have to be interpreted as United States Notes instead of Federal Reserve Notes.  It may seem like a small thing, but it's not.  Every penny that gets redefined as lawful money reduces the US National Debt by the same amount. 
The same thing happens when we endorse every check or other financial instrument with a "limited endorsement" that says, "Redeemed in lawful money -- 12 USC 411".  It makes no difference to you or your creditors or vendors, but it reduces the US National Debt by the full face value of the check or other instrument. 
If every American Senior did this same thing religiously and converted all their retirement accounts and checking and savings and insurance and mortgage accounts and started "redeeming" them all in lawful money, the US National Debt would plummet like a rock, and the Seniors would enjoy the added security of knowing that their funds were no longer subject to seizure by the banks. Lawful money is a material asset, not a credit.  The bank has to carry lawful money as a material liability. 
It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of crooked scumbags.
And for all you youngsters just starting out in the world and thinking two thoughts about retirement and Mutual Funds --- here's a bit of mathematics and insight from one of the Fathers of the Mutual Fund industry:

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 Before anyone buys into this, US National Debt can not be balanced against the federal reserve, they do they wish for now.

 Redeemed in lawful money well honey I am lost on that one, seeing how it is Federal Reserve Notes, and not Currency backed up by Gold or Silver.

 When banks no longer belong to the Rothschild family, email me.


As far as super. savings go, I have looked into this govt. scam and I am shocked to say I find that 75% of workers who choose to save and also receive employer contributions, are in "compliant" savings plans - giving full control and access of their savings to the Govt. !! ( thats why these plans are called "Locked") My own plan with employer payments included is called a "non-compliant"- unlocked entitlement plan. That means I bequeath it to anyone I like (in the event of death) and receive the full amount when I leave my job- at Any age, I do not have to wait till I am 65. Employer pays fees on my behalf, any unused fee go's to my account. In compliant plans, you can Not bequeath it because it belongs to your Estate, you Won't receive savings until retirement age, and you'll be up for the fees yourself. When Govt found out we were onto them they closed off provision for the unlocked plan to new staff, but not before I talked 8 people into joining the day before cut off. I told 70 people about this and I could have done better than 8 if I hadn't been talking about Flat Earth the day before. 

I'm about to issue a statement in public which will read " In the absence of lawful money as required by the Australian constitution 1901, I use the electronic currency only due to necessity and under protest. Furthermore I realize the debt cannot be paid with the currency issued as debt.

Chris remember that by 1913 when President Woodrow Wilson authorized the resurrection of a Central back in the US controlled by the Europeans we were toast and they caused the 1929 stock market crash followed by the Great Depression and as Norman Dodd testified  a Morgan Bank Exec admitted that never again would the banking system deal in sound banking principles. So, we've been fucked for a long time but thanks to Obama here for 8 years the US went into a further 10 trillion in deficit! And the stupid fucking Democrats continue to plow the field for more of it! 


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