The powerful, but forbidden “Fruits of Zionism,” (videos below deleted by Youtube). BUT SEE IT HERE while it lasts on Vimeo.

“As long as you [Jews] continue to remain silent and gild the lily, saying I’m a nice Jew but refuse to denounce the homicidal mania within Judaism itself… the bell tolls for you.”

— Brendon O’Connell

Watch these remarkable videos made by an Australian Christian man, named Brendon O’Connell (right), who is now facing up to 14 years in prison because he had the guts to confront the Jews on the street and loudly say the truth about the Jewish/Zionist religious hatred of non-Jews, Christianity and the Palestinian people.

Australia passed anti-free speech laws (really designed to protect Jews) — just like in Canada — and this very thing is now on the horizon here in the USA. Will we face the exact same kind of thing if we dare expose the Zionist’s evils in the world? Do you really want that in America’s future?

Or do you even give a dam?

They have arrested Brendon and are accusing him of “hate crimes,” for merely putting up his video “Fruits of Zionism” on Youtube. Now some Jews are out trying to say he physically attacked them over the years, with no evidence other than usual Jew racial lying to protect the PR image of Jewry. Kind of like the “Holocaust” — They expect us to believe anything they say without a single murmer or else they’ll scream about us being “anti-Semites” and “NeoNazi” and all the other Jew slanders to try to shut us up.

You can just watch the videos yourself to decide what kind of guy he is and what he’s saying here.

We know that it’s really his message which the Jews want to shut up. You know it. The revengeful and arrogant Jews are now positively giddy over him getting busted (note the usual bragging about Jew lawyers like they do here). Listen to one of these sorry bastards gloat:

GOOD NEWS! Brendon O’Connell has been charged by the Morley Police.. he was arrested in Maylands… they even showed him on the news inciting his hateful remarks towards the Jewish Community.. he could get up to 14 years in the slammer, with the new laws.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY Justice shall prevail. Hope he can get a lawyer, willing to plead “not guilty!” That’s right, all the good lawyers are Jewish! :)

These people will do anything, say anything to protect their race and what they want to do in the world (note the Jew above all happy about the new laws). If you decide to speak up against them, they’ll do whatever Commie thing they can to have you shut up. If they could, they would probably put a bullet in O’Connell’s head, just like they used to do in the Soviet Union when they controlled the secret police apparatus.

And then they’ll laugh among themselves about what they did to the foolish Goy!

If this was someone talking bad about the Muslims, like Geert Wilders, they would be all for it. Hell, they’d fly him over here and put him on FOX news and give him book contracts up the ying yang — look at all the media coverage and riches they gave that satanic-looking Zionist tool, the Lebanese Muslim hater, Bridgette Gabriel.

Folks, this is typical, unbelievable Jewish hypocrisy and utter evil!

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