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  • THC has a beneficial influence on the aging brain, reversing the aging process and improving cognitive function, raising the possibility it might be useful for the treatment of dementia in the elderly
  • 18-month-old mice given THC at 2, 12 and 18 months demonstrated cognitive skills equal to 2-month-old controls, while the placebo group suffered cognitive deterioration associated with aging
  • Previous research has also shown low-dose THC directly impedes buildup of beta amyloid plaque in the brain (a hallmark of Alzheimer’s) and enhances mitochondrial function in the brain

By Dr. Mercola

Regardless of your views on the pros and cons of recreational marijuana, the body of scientific evidence about its medicinal value is getting more compelling as additional research is done. The cannabinoids in cannabis — cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — interact with your body by way of naturally-occurring cannabinoid receptors embedded in cell membranes throughout your body.

In fact, scientists now believe the endocannabinoid system may represent the most widespread receptor system in your body.1 There are cannabinoid receptors in your brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, immune system and more, and both the therapeutic and psychoactive properties of marijuana occur when a cannabinoid activates a cannabinoid receptor.

Your body actually makes its own cannabinoids, similar to those found in marijuana, albeit in much smaller quantities than you get from the plant. The fact that your body is replete with cannabinoid receptors, key to so many biological functions, is why there’s such enormous medical potential for cannabis.

The whole plant also contains terpenes that have medicinal properties. More often than not, medicinal marijuana is made from plants bred to have high CBD and low THC content. While THC has psychoactive activity that can make you feel “stoned,” CBD has no psychoactive properties. However, recent research shows THC should not be written off completely just because it’s psychoactive. It has valuable therapeutic potential in its own right.

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Cannabis is actually good for you

did i just say that

Shit i left the deep fat fryer on!

I am in fine shape,... and it may well be due to my many years of using this plant. Which reminds me.... be back shortly.



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