Central Bankers Warn of Chaos in a Cashless Society: by Laurens Cerulus and Cat Contigugli

 On 8/14/18, and Updated 4/19/19, Europe's central bankers are warning that a gradual phase-out of cash in many countries poses a serious threat to the financial system, as relying too heavily on digital payment systems exposes them to catastrophic failures in the event of cyberattacks.

 Regulators are also weighing in to say that IT failures, systemic hacking risks — and the fact that more vulnerable members of society would be alienated in a cashless world — all argue in favor of keeping a robust system in place — ie., cash.

A November study by the European Central Bank showed that while almost 80 percent of all payments are still done in cash in the eurozone, countries like Estonia, the Netherlands and Finland already use electronic payments for about half of all transactions. Cash payments in Sweden now only account for about 13 percent of payments in stores, according to a study by Swedish central bank Riksbank. More than half of all bank branches no longer handle cash, according to a report from the Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council.

"The digitalized system, it is easy for someone in Russia, China, whatever to just shut it off,” Björn Eriksson, the head of a pro-cash lobby group Cash Uprising and former head of crime-fighting agency Interpol. "[Cash] you can hide in your car, or your stove, or whatever."

He added: “I can see a growing concern in my country about what is going to happen when someone decides to switch them off. What are the activities you can do to keep society moving?"

The European Central Bank found that while most eurozone payments are done in cash, many countries' use of cashless transactions is increasing | Daniel Roland/AFP via Getty Images

Central bankers are watching — and getting anxious.

"Increasingly, central banks insist that cash will also play a role. We do not foresee a totally cashless society," said Ewald Nowotny, governor of the Austrian National Bank, at a recent conference in Brussels. "If there is for instance an energy blackout, cash is the only surviving way of payment."

A senior official at the Dutch central bank echoed the sentiment.

"We're under attack every day. If you don't have your shields up, you notice activity straight away," said Petra Hielkema, director of payments at the Dutch Central Bank, who watches over cybersecurity policy.

Small cybersecurity crises have nudged central bankers to work on backup systems and roll out cyber stress tests. Cash looms large in most contingency plans.

"Cash provides trust," said Hielkema. Beyond cybersecurity concerns, critics of the cashless society have pointed out that vulnerable groups such as elderly and disabled people rely on cash more than others. "We see a lot of people who really need it," she said.

An outage of visa services in June— caused by a system failure — gave a small taste of the risk, said Kevin Curran, a professor of cybersecurity at Ulster University in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Customers across the EU were left unable to pay for goods and services, and the situation revealed “there really is no backup,” Curran said.

"When the trolley came around on the train and the card payment wasn’t working, the only people who could eat were those with cash,” he said.

Race to digital

The move away from cash is driven partly by commercial interests, as businesses go card-only for efficiency and in response to consumer demands. Commercial banks are also shutting down branches in favor of digital services.

Some governments encourage a shift toward digital services because they see it as a way to address money-laundering and tax evasion, and also to boost competition in financial services.  Others argue that digital payments protect consumers from being robbed or losing money, as well as sparing them the hassle of constantly carrying a wallet.


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Cashless banking has one, and only one benefit - The bankrupt banksters will be able steal money from the customers account. In fact we are just accounts holders and banks are the owners. At the G7 in Brisbane in 2015 it was established our accounts belong to the banks. We have been reduced to unsecured creditors status ever since.

One oversized thief of a bank had the cheek to demand ID from me when I needed to deposit money in a merchants account for gifts I brought. When I complained about it the teller she said it was due to new anti money laundering laws. - when the day before the bank in question hit the headlines for doing exactly that. I said right there, in front of all "How dare you insinuate customers would do such a crime, when You Know it was Yourselves ! - as reported in the paper Yesterday." Another rare occasion where I got the full sentence out before security arrived.  

I have a better idea, Burn the banks to the ground, reclaim our independence from the Khazar. Do like Hitler did, kill off the Rothschild family and build a New America with out them.

The French did make a FUBAR out of that bank, and its not over....


"Destroying the New World Order"


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