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Dear Monsanto, Is there any medically, scientifically, or biologically plausible reason to put glyphosate in a vaccine?

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DEAR MONSANTO???????!!! It is like allowing a criminal be it's own judge and jury at trial. Vaccines are designed to maim and kill = depopulate. What about ' Nagalase' which is in every vaccine. Nagalase blocks the body's own ability to create it's own Vitamine D, we get by sunshine mostly. Now this naturally by our own bodies made Vit D is the first and foremost defence at cancer. Since 2015 already 87 ! US  holistic doctors , happy and healthy folks who published their research papers when they found that garb , "suicided" by the controllers. World wide now 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 woman sure develop cancer in their lives . In Canada it's now 1 in 1 for males = EVERY male cause the politicians are in Monsantos pocket so all GMO is allowed too. A few years ago the Australian prime minister who made vaccination mandatory was asked on tv if he would vax his own kids and said, ' No, I'm a monster'. Australians have to now or lose all social benefits , by LAW. However there is a protocol to detox from all this garb we ALL have already in our system . The fore mentioned garb and the Aluminium , Mercury = autism, dementia etc.etc.  It's called MMS, WWW.MMSWIKI.IS . I have for long already great results using and prescribing it. Cheap and easy to make oneself . It takes care of 95% of ALL diseases including the so called " incurable" ones. It even reverses autism, which is NOT a genetic affliction, it started only at the time of introduction of vaccines. Before it simply did not exist. Check out the testimonies and Jim Humbles protocols on youtube as long as its still there. Kind regards. P.S. Please DO detox from this filth with MMS, MMS can't possibly do any harm to the body and mind.   



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