Debunking 5 Things About The Christchurch Shootings That Prove It Was A False Flag

Expose the falseness or hollowness of (a myth, idea, or belief). A video by Trevor Lyman, at the video is not the same video found by the network members. or it was altered.

 His statement, "You can see the "magic bullets" much more clearly in the original video - link to original video just below this text".

 Now according to the UN, all such videos have been banned from the internet, so why is this video allowed by,

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 And at the same time they the United Kingdom's censored my two videos?

Ok, you want to play games, I did not know they edited the video, into image rips, as for the shoes, I was wrong, and there is a lot of blood, the girl that was murdered, she was saying help me, and he shot her twice in the head.

 Then he got back in his car and shot out the window with a shotgun

  Now I was told about 15 minutes ago yesterday 4/20/2019, I can show all the blood and the shells ejecting from the semi auto weapon.

 But of course, it would also be impossible for the network team to have ISIS Revenge RV video calling for a war. The funny thing about this the media released reports about the ISIS threat,  it was release 2 days before the video officially came out.

 Please do watch the right hand side of the video clips, you will see the shell case ejected, and I am not done with this issue.

He drove around for all most 6 minutes, and then he got out of the car and shot up the drive way. So here are some on the video clips and rips. He was playing some stupid song, and why he shot the ground, its like go figure!!!

Op PS run the tag number, its in the clips above and below.


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No blood, stated by Trevor Lyman, at That there was dummies shot not people...? Trevor Lyman is a Idiot.

 And I found the shell casings that Trevor Lyman said was not there.

The Vids are still out there. I have seen them again myself today - on mainstream internet. But if I put up a link, they will be gone. I might be gone. In my limited view , the second vid appears to include both actors and a few possible real victims already dead and dying. It is not much more than a minute long and taken by a cell phone I think. It is not in the same building as the first one from what I can see. 

 Morning, seeing how Trevor Lyman posted the video in the UK, well its more then my right to do so. To challenge his. And I did.

 I of course did not want to show children murdered, so I edited out the shootings inside.

 What Trevor Lyman at Bitchute failed to see, is that the video recorded is optic, in other words the video taping is a 360, and as the shells ejected the only seem to vanish.

my new channel in the UK, hope they don't mind American opinions:


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