Declaration of Independence Against the Banks Global Cashless Concepts

 Which is it One Nation Under God or One Nation Under the Global Banks? President Trump is considering a Gold Stander Cash System. Which would need to be done different, to prevent the other banks from the EU draining off what Gold America has left.

 In other words the Rothschild Banking System/George Soros and their NGOs in Israel, once cashless is forced into play the banking implant chips can all so be forced.

 In several states in America, they are taking business to court for refusing cash. Anyway here is a banking memo, and other PDFs.

PDF 1:




linked in PDFs:

The memo....

I can only share 7 pages, all the other PDFs have a copyright listed.

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Yes, we can guess where this idea comes from....

Just found out a little while ago the who and the why and that human implants become 'not optional', the company is from Sweden...with a few investment links....:)

"What can be done?"

Came back to fix the type Os,

I said, while I was in a debate at another site for sharing this...:)

 One thing I did, I went to the bank this morning in a very sexy pink dress, all most see through, and took all my money out, he started giving me BS!!! because it was a bit of money, so I slammed down the complete docs, showing the 5g networking plan and 5g implants.

The bankers mouth was wide open, and he said I have to approve this withdraw with his manger.

 I went clean off, and started talking at the top of my lungs.

This Frigging Bank is building the NWO with cashless America 5g chips, here the frigging docs from your bank memo, people started looking, so I passed out several memos, they were glad to let me have my money, and beside my next of kin was there, they look like trees walking...:)

Yep, if FUBAR can describe the bank, people were pissed, at that bank...BOA...:)

Ha Ha, good on you Tif. That's a great strategy - The Olde Pink Attire attack. I like to cause up-roar at the bank also ( because they deserve it ) and I don't care who hears me, but with your method it would make sure Everyone hears you, with out a doubt. Ive got to try that one on in some way.  Good move. It's very clever. -p.s See guys, gun and guillotine may not be required after all, to put big bankers in their place. 

 People will catch on fast, it was the yellow vest protest in Israel, that opened the door of curiosity. Boy, did they slam the Banking NGO's.

 I like giving it the Ellie May of the Beverly Hills, touch, a little country that I am, and a good old fashion strut, with, you all come back now. And purrrr for perfect...:)

 Now why did I not see into this, this way, this comment just in...:)


"Destroying the New World Order"


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