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Democracy versus the People

Irish Savant — July 17, 2018

DvtP1If we’re to believe our globohomo overlords it seems that the Western world faces a new and sinister threat: Populism. According to that corrupt traitor Tony Blair “the rise of the populists has already changed the social and economic policies pursued by many countries; created new tensions between nation-states within Europe; and begun to put pressure on democratic institutions in a variety of countries that had once been seen as consolidated democracies”. EU nation-wreckers such as Juncker and Tusk have voiced similar concerns.
Which I find confusing. How can the expressed will of the ordinary people be anti-democratic? According to Bliar populism draws a “sharp distinction between friend and enemy, with supporters portrayed as legitimate and opponents illegitimate. Populists claim to represent the people against elites, immigrants, or some other minority – and have a fondness for referendums.”
And that’s bad? Hey, even (((Wiki))) has – at least for now – a positive take on it, describing it as ‘a political philosophy supporting the rights and power of the people in their struggle against a privileged elite’.
DvtP2Maybe one of the world’s leading experts on populism can tell us what’s wrong with it. Here’s Zsolt Enyedi who’s a professor at the Soros-funded Central European University.  “Populism is a threat to democracy primarily because it holds the potential of providing the state with a moral status that it otherwise lacks. Once the state turns into the embodiment of the virtuous people the defense mechanisms developed against tyranny, such as freedoms, checks and balances, the rule of law, tolerance, autonomous social institutions, individual and group rights, or pluralism, are inevitably under threat. It undermines the civility of the relations among citizens. It erodes the respect for the dignity of political opponents and of minority groups and weakens the culture of reasoned debates.”
DvtP3Aha! Now we’re getting somewhere. Let me translate this academic sleight-of-hand for you. Populism is bad because it implements the will of the people untrammelled by anti-democratic institutions (gamed political systems, laws that criminalise unapproved speech and courts that ruthlessly enforce them against ordinary (read White) citizens, Cultural Marxist academia and the controlled media and ‘entertainment’ industries that endlessly parrot the Approved Narrative). As for undermining the civility of the relations among citizens, well, that ‘civility’ is a euphemism for Stalinist enforcement of political correctness.
The very reasons populism is attacked by our globohomo overlords and their academic and media whores are the very reasons why it’s very much a Good Thing. It disintermediates the control mechanisms they’ve devised to dilute, divert and ultimately frustrate the will of the ordinary people, the White working-class ‘losers’ whom they hold in so much contempt. It gave us, inter alia, Brexit, Trump and Orban. It’s growing in almost every White country. Ultimately it might lead to retributive justice against the West’s traitorous leaders. No wonder they’re worried.



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Will of the awaken people is very dangerous to the corporate despots. That's why they worry like hell.




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