Dr. Andrew Kaufman and the Exosomes (Coronavirus Truth)

By James Herer

"One of the many important experts we’re talking about is Dr. Andrew Kaufman. Dr. Kaufman is a board certified MD licensed in psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. He is also a former medical instructor of hematology and oncology at the Medical University of South Carolina and a graduate in Bachelors of Science in Biology at the MIT. According to Dr. Kaufman, what the experts call COVID-19 is not really a disease and a deadly “virus” per se but an “exosome”. Kaufman argued that exosomes are the agents that can be found on the tests using RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription –  Polymerase Chain Reaction), of course the test they use for COVID-19, that is a naturally occurring agent in body cells found in different parts, including the lungs. In his presentation, he explained that exosomes are excreted by the cells when fighting various insults caused by environmental and biological toxins, stress (including fear), infection, harmful radiations, and other kinds of injuries. These exosomes, Kaufman emphasized, does not harm the body but instead provide benefits to our health by facilitating healing."


About Dr.Andrew Kaufmann

There is no proof that viruses are alive only theories nothing conclusive. Read as many so called debunking site pages as you want there is no conclusive evidence to say with certainty that viruses are actually living organisms based on the fact that they fail to have the necessary elements to be called living.

So it follows logically that you can not kill something that is not living and deemed dead.

COVID-19 if it actually exists is most likely a biological weapon using some other means to cause harm. Possibly injected into it's victims by contaminated vaccines.

In solidarity with all good people

More to think about:

Why are viruses considered non-living?


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Evil inverts everything. Rockefeller medicine is money making machine, nothing to do with health. After 6 generation of brainwashing, only few can see it.

Thanks for your reply Chris of the family masters.

The Rockefeller's and the Rothschilds have been selling people poison and calling it medicine for a long time.

The same can be said of the Rothschilds controlled Royal Society.

The Royal Society has been very busy destroying the scientific process with it's anti-science.

They promoted Darwin's Theory of Evolution in their attempt to destroy God and Spirituality by making false claims about the origins of life. Then created  a whole cult around it to support and further their blasphemy against the divine or "intelligent design".

More recenly they have been busy with their "Global Warming Cult" and procuring their pseudo-science ie. the best science money can buy and brain washing the masses with their inverted truth about the planet getting warmer when the real science shows we are heading for a mini ice age.

And then that brings us to this past year and the cult of COVID-19 that the Cabal has created.

"Wear a mask, wash your hands, social distance, shut up and tow the line."

Evil is all around us, it's time for all good people to be the light and the cure from this disease that has filtered into our beautiful world.

Peace brother


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