Henry Makow:"Massacre was Masonic Gun Grab, says NZ Man"

Henry Makow:"Massacre was Masonic Gun Grab, says NZ Man"
by Anonymous
I am from NZ and have a lot of information on the shooting and Freemasons in NZ. First a little background.
I got into what today is called Conspiracy Theories when I was 17. Back then it was called Cover-ups and should still be called that. You could only buy the books at Christian Bookstores as mainstream shops would not sell them in NZ.
(In sympathy with mosque victims, NZ becomes an Islamic state.)
My paternal Grandfather was Head of the Phoenix Lodge, a Blue Lodge in Westport. An English constitution Lodge. They told us at his funeral he was head of all the Lodges for the South Island. 
My father refused to join. All doors to good employment were closed to him in my hometown. The father is only allowed to ask once, but my father said his father's lodge brothers never stopped hassling him to join for 30 years. They told him it would bring them prestige to bring in the son of a brother who could bring his own son in. My father rejected them as a rational man who would not join an organization who would not tell you what they were about until after you joined.
My other Grandfather had been a Lodge member who came home from a meeting one night and burned all his Lodge gear in front of his family and told them, "Have nothing to do with them, they are Evil."
His employment went badly after that, like all Masons who leave the Lodge in small towns.
For people who say they are for equality they certainly don't act like it.
Here is some of what I know about the shooting psy-op. I have been hand circulating this where I live. Trying to get the information to non-Freemason cops and former non- Freemason military people. Publish as you feel appropriate.
Upon reaching the Rank of Master Mason a Freemason enters into a verbal contract known as The Oath of Obligation of a Master Mason. This Oath is damning and an act of Treason."
read the rest here: https://www.henrymakow.com/

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Freemasons game of big time gun grab they think hahahaha  more like a little game of hide and seek cos they dont know whos got them. They dont even know how much money they need to buy them all what they dont know back All of them are stupid. 

You know the shooting events turned into a game of cludeo, the guy (who's name is unspeakable for the pm) who is not the guy, is now either "a revolutionary", "a jew " "a mentally deranged" "paramilitary" or "white supremacist" "righty" or "leftie" depending on your take. No-one much thinks he was Australian, and just when they wanted the boy next door look. 

Yes indeed this event is definitely being used to tar and feather anyone outside the NWO program in NZ and elsewhere.  Hard to stomach the degree to which the self proclaimed highly order stoops to new lows.

Well if dead people are turning up alive like all the other FF hoaxes then it confirms that it is all a bunch of bullshit again with the same agenda. We knew that anyway, but for those that can't see what else do they need?

 We collected the video when it went on line about the shooting.  As for the gun grab, they ran into a issue, people are say no, you can not have the guns. 'Come and take them'.

( little update) As the New Gun Grab goes down the murky path of reform-at speed, todays "dispensation" for gun collectors shows fear from the gov for the unconsidered circumstances of great haste.  so again Fail. BTW one ladies name on the 'shot dead' list turned up alive, and a small child on the list, his uncle said he was not dead. More to come I'm sure. 

Thanks for the update cheeki kea!


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