Hezbollah, Iranian Islamism Infiltrating the Boy Scouts of America

Is America Seeing Multiculturalism, by our own Government, Please do tell...:)

Boy & girl scouts are supposed to uphold American values. Scout branches in Michigan are trained to think of the U.S. as terrorists and are indoctrinated in Iranian and Hezbollah ideology.

Iranian-funded scouting is a major program run by the Hezbollah and instrumental in pro-Iranian gains in countries such as Lebanon. Sheikh Usama Abdulghani, who tought Hezbollah-run branches of the Boy Scouts of America, preaches for Muslims to follow commands from Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. (Al Arabiya photo)

Iranian-regime and Hezbollah supporters set up Boy & and Girl Scout branches in Michigan. In fact, the Boy Scouts of America officially recognizes one Islamist-linked Boy Scout pack in the state, listing a Cub Scout branch, Pack 1139, at the Bint Jebail Cultural Center in Dearborn.

In 2017, the Muslim Scouts of Michigan held its Waiyullah Camp where the boys and girls were taught by a radical supporter of the Iranian theocracy and Hezbollah, Sheikh Usama Abdulghani.


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I guess our 'Supreme Leader' doesn't give a rats ass about it. No executive order to stop it? BTW, girl scouts?, this is another multicultural initiative.

 There was some videos that came on line about your home, in Australia??? against the global migration compact the videos were terminated at youtube.

 People all over the world now know that the Rothschild banking, is the key of independence. In Israel, a protest against that system.

 Without a doubt, if most of the countries world wide dump their banking, even here in America, they will have no power at all. They will simply die away.

 The war in Germany was not over the genocide of Jews, some documents and facts finally came through, 1933 to 1943- 1945 the death camps operated.

 WW1 to WW2, 2 million American troops entered that war era,& around 1918/???? the prisoner of war camps were being built. 42,000 camps.

 The people who migrated to Israel in WW2 were German Jews, they sent us books and over 124 VHS videos. I guess they messed up and migrates people that remembered, and saved history.

 Now, Supreme Leaders that Govern America and drag us into wars....ROTHSCHILD...like DA!!!!



My appologies to Youtube and the Girlscouts of America for posting in the comments on a video that soon the future would include girlscouts knocking on your door wearing suicide vests. Apparently I was slightly wrong.

 That was a Ooops reply, but you know, you never know??

Don't worry too much about the Iranian Shia Islam. Which allows Christians and Jews to live in peace in Iran. What the Rothschilds and the US govt want is the Wahabi Sunni jihadist Islam of the Saudis. The Shias will be sacrificed so as to placate the US public that something is being done about radical Islam, and they don't care enough to know the difference.

O well, lets bump this back up to the front page...:)


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