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For those of us who can not afford health care or do not subscribe to the allopathic disease-for-profit modality and think it's wrong to have to pay a tax to the IRS because of thus, read on.

When the amount of your taxes that you expect to pay has already been withheld from your paycheck, change the status of your W4 withholdings to *ZERO* so that you will not have a refund. (ask your employer for a W4 form)

You actually want to UNDERPAY a little. (but no more than $1000) If you owe more than $1000 they can hit you with a penalty.

When you pay your taxes at year's end DO NOT pay the Obama Care Tax Penalty.

Pay only the taxes owed on your income.

Mail the IRS a copy of this article with your tax return.
"IRS has no legal basis to collect Affordable Care Act tax - It's all an act! "

Just be sure to change your W4 withholding status back to withholding taxes with your employer, again in the new year
(rinse / repeat)

If they keep bitching...keep sending them a copy of that article.

I am doing this.
I hope to see a Mass Movement.
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6 million Americans will be UNABLE to afford Obama Care & will be subjected to this fascist financial raping.

(talk about kicking a man when he's down - that's EXACTLY what this is)


If these 6 million Americans do not follow the procedure outlined in the original post

(the self-employed & those with alternative sources of income will have to do some planning - but the principal concept is the same - make sure you owe the IRS at the end of the tax year within $1000 rather than they owing you a refund)

they will have their tax refunds docked.
(or should I say "dicked") :)

All 6 million of those people can AVOID having the Obama Care Tax Penalty imposed upon them if they follow the general principal guideline outlined in this post.

Knowledge Is Power.
Use It Or Lose It


I think we are heading for a full-blown tax-revolt. We're not there yet. Things have to deteriorate some more before it happens. But don't worry, they surely will...

Its a bit over due don't ya think? .. I thought I was late to this party ..apparently not!
It seems so simple to me.. I know its about the numbers but really its about who has the power and we have had it all along..
History will ask.. Why did they pay for there own demise when it wasn't even mandatory, I guess that's what happens when a society lives in and by fear and knows not there own laws and history ... Why did a country of people who's roots were free voluntarily surrender there freedom and pay there jailers ?
Why did they allow themselves to be poisoned? Seems so many knew the water air and food was totally tainted and there doctors were murderers , my god they murdered children before they were ever born and it was all voluntary ,..
Hmmm. A curious people glad there all dead !!!
A society with such a propensity to soul suicide, laziness, debauchery, and in general is morally dead with an addiction to murder and dependency deserves to go the way of all empires before them ... Rome wasn't built in a day but they say it fell quickly

Overdue? Absolutely. But these frogs have been slow boiling for generations in mind-control soup. I see only two outcomes. People finally wake-up & learn to never fall into this kind of coma again or total self-annihilation. Either way is merciful. It's the stuck "in-between" part that's pure Hell.

I feel something very very big on the horizon .. A never before in history thing .. Haven't you noticed that term "never before in history" being used frequently especially since Obama was placed in the postion of president of the United States .. The world changed in an extreme way after 911, there is an undertow, a current, a wave moving "forward" there is no turning back from this event because it will not just change a country or a continent it will change the entire world and I am afraid it will not be peaceful. For all there talk of "peace keeping" all the people of the world have seen is war and death, poverty on a global scale while a small fraction live in palaces and eat organic caviar and have the best health care available. These monsters have technology at least 50yrs ahead of the rest of us and cures for all kinds of diseases and I believe there is a way to provide energy for free for all and all kinds of cures for diseases .. If we are going to survive there depopulation agenda it will be a small fraction of the population who fight to save us all from world wide tyranny .. I hope we have more time.. I had a professor once who said the planet doesn't need saving because even if we were to inialate ourselves the earth would survive even if we don't .. The planet has the capacity to heal itself no mater what we do to it. Time would be the only thing planet earth would need .. No matter what happens mankind will survive too... It is baffling that its a small group of evil controlling people who are responsible for so much pain and suffering .. Waiting is hell, I agree.. But we do need more time so waiting for the rest of whoever is going to wake up I think may be worth waiting for ... Life is interesting and we are living in a most interesting time in all of history ..

Yeah I've felt something on the horizon for years. You sound like an empath. I have to isolate myself from most people because I either pick up their shit or they just plain piss me off for being so braindead. :) Whatever's coming I'd just like to get it over with. The suspense is killing me.

lmfao, dont pay these criminal faks NOTHING, quit supporting the terrorists, I did. I quit after I got raped by these pricks in 2000 for 500k+, and knowing that idiot assklown Bush was PLACED into office, not elected, there was THE straw that broke it for me...QUIT SUPPORTING THE TERRORISTS and they will soon wither up and die, than maybe we can put this house back in order like it was supposed to be 230 years ago ;) I quit playing their silly, pointless mindfuck game 13 years ago and have been much better off since

I'm all for it, but I would have to check into this first. If you have a job (and no healthcare plan), I think the IRS will still come after you. Whether you pay taxes at the end of the year, file exempt or have it withheld and receive a refund, you still show a capital gain and may have to show proof of health insurance coverage. If you have coverage through your employer, the deduction will be noted on your W2. Personally, I don't see how that would work.    

I hope it works!



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