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I finally perfected the perfect method on how to steam cheese-burgers in the microwave

Sadly I ran out of buns.

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I know. Talk about shitty timing. 

I have ketchup. But without the buns, the whole plan falls apart.

Who knew how important buns would be with respect to dead cow flesh? 

Flour. Cow flesh. Who knew these two seemingly opposing things could work together so perfectly? 

Whoever invented the hamburger was a fucking genius, I'm just saying. But I think he named it totally wrong. Was he just trolling us with respect to proper animal names?

Dude was like 'Yeah it's a cow, but I'll name it after a pig.'. Let's see if that catches on... Just throw some cheese & ketchup on it & maybe no one will notice the discrepancy. 

nuked food is worthless ;) may as well eat plastic....about the same nutritional value after radiation therapy while rotating for 180 seconds ;) 

PS: Catsup sucks ;)

Vitamins actually retain their integrity much better in the microwave than food cooked with fire. 

Fire (traditional heat) causes cross-links with carbs & proteins creating cancer-causing shit. Microwaves don't do that.

only if ya over cook the meat, microwaves just render everything null & lifeless, may as well eat shit, about the same amount of nutrients ;)

No I cover it. That's how it gets steamed. And then I got it set up so all the fat drips down under. It works really great. 

From naked arse on Kauai to bunless perfectly perfect cheese nuked cowburgers its all terribly funny Deep. I have to agree with Holly  that micro isn't desirable but its convenient



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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...


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