Isis Calls on Followers to ‘Take Revenge’ for New Zealand Terror Attack

Isis has called on its followers to retaliate for the terror attack against Muslims in New Zealand last week, in a rare message from one of its top figures. Posted on and by Richard Hall, Lizzie Dearden 20-03-2019.

But according to the video live stream, their threat was released on 2019-04-18 20:57:52, added date of 2019-04-18 20:57:52. So how did MSN News Know?

 The group’s spokesman, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, broke a six-month silence to call on Isis supporters to “take vengeance for their religion” in the 44-minute audio recording.

Full coverage: New Zealand shootings

“This slaughter in those two mosques is no more than another tragedy among past and coming tragedies, which will be followed by scenes of force that reach all who were tricked to living among the polytheist,” he said in the message distributed by Al Furqan, a media organisation linked to Isis.

“The scenes of death in the two mosques are enough to wake the sleep and incite the supporters of the caliphate who live there, to take vengeance for their religion and for sons of their Ummah, who are killed everywhere in the world.”

 The attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, left 50 people dead at two mosques during midday prayers. A 28-year-old Australian is the main suspect and in a manifesto, called himself a white nationalist out to avenge attacks in Europe by Muslims.

 Isis has consistently made the argument to its followers that Muslims and non-Muslims cannot live side-by-side, and has used terror attacks such as these in its propaganda to make the case for its warped version of an Islamic state.

 Even before the audio message appeared on Isis channels on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, experts had warned that the Christchurch massacre could be used for “reciprocal radicalisation”.

 Isis supporters have claimed to avenge Muslims killed in Syria and Iraq, while far-right terrorists including the Finsbury Park attacker and the alleged New Zealand mosque shooter have claimed the same for victims of Isis-inspired attacks.

 Security services fear a “domino effect” in atrocities and will be bracing for any potential impact from Isis’s latest call.

 The message comes as the Isis caliphate, which once stretched for tens of thousands of miles and ruled over some 10 million people, is on the brink of defeat.

 US-backed Syrian forces said they were close to capturing the last territory under Isis control on Tuesday, after taking most of a tent city where the group has made its last stand.

 Although scattered clashes were continuing, a spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces said the battle would end “very soon”.

“This is not a victory announcement, but a significant progress in the fight against Daesh,” said Mustafa Bali, the SDF spokesman, on Twitter.

“The battles are not yet over. There are still some pockets next to the river. Some of the terrorists have taken their children as human shields. There are intermittent clashes,” Mr Bali said.

 The battle to capture the last piece of the once mighty caliphate has gone on longer than anyone expected. Cornered in the small village of Baghouz, in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor province, the group’s most experienced fighters have put up a fierce fight.

 An exodus of people has filed out of the village over the past two months, surprising Syrian and US officials. Some 60,000 people have fled the group’s dwindling enclave, nearly half of whom were surrendering supporters of Isis, including some 5,000 fighters.

 But even on the brink of defeat, the group has continued its propaganda effort. Muhajir, who real name is not known, commented on the battle for Baghouz on Tuesday.

“Do you think the displacement of the weak and poor out of Baghouz will weaken the Islamic State? No,” he said.

 Isis’s defeat at Baghouz will end its control of inhabited land in the third of Syria and Iraq that it captured in 2014. However, the group will remain a threat, regional and western officials say

 The last message from Muhajir came in September 2018, when he claimed responsibility on Isis’s behalf for an attack on an Iranian military parade in the city of Ahvaz.

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 This is like DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no comments yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A call for comment~ It's a funny situation, I spoke of the update at work, and for the effort I got laughter, which I should have expected. Really, Isis must have lost their mind to go to nz and stoke up trouble. Do they think they'll get two nice islands, with great abundance, and mild mannered people ? Oh sorry for them. They have been deceived. There's no islands, the abundance is poisoned, and the people are not mild. They are tribal, in a toxic habitat, on a sinking continent. If isis and nz Govt. believe they will down their weapons in the name of anything at all, who's to say whats to happen, because there's insanity in some people, to put into the equation. When the pm did the call to prayer in march, there was semi automatic guns going off over the Canterbury river beds by the pakeha tribe (white), at the same time, maybe still are, Someone could get killed, but not much concern. The other tribes out there can kill enemies with clubs and sticks, and even others that kill off invaders with bare hands. Isis is either brave or foolish, it's to be seen which, as they now creep back to their homelands with the followers. 

 That is the funny thing, their video came out all most 30 days after MSN, Google News, CNN, and others, I can not find one video or statement by ISIS leaders to support the medias statement.

 And so that you will know, Trump did not tell the truth about ISIS being defeated, and those are brand new trucks from Japan, UN Global Migration Compact Japan, fancy that.

And all the media about terrorist buying them trucks.

 DON'T TRUST AMERICAN MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 One more thing cheeki kea, tell them at work about the UN Global Migration Compact in New Zealand, which is open borders, and see if they laugh again.

The thing is Tif, 40% of the workers are Migrants. Work places are giant melting pots, of God knows who already, but thats ok, It's the ones  God doesn't know that are the problem. Here, it's rogue Somalis, A christian man was killed in cold blood without remorse, when that type turned up. It was an eye for an eye situation.They are looked upon with distain now by all others. Most migrants -and even refugees, don't want to be killed or go missing on journey, or arrival so they keep the harmony. The muslim migrants tend to listen their own leaders - for formal occasion usually ones the pm appoints, and the leader of mosque in her neighbourhood said zionist's caused the terror, so why would isis come to do their job. (oh -thats right.... )  Most muslim workers see it as an unpleasant joke, but don't like police standing outside their places of worship Guns !! ( It could by why they invited all the patched gang members to the mosque, to protect them from the police ) 

 Lets see, you said:

"so why would isis come to do their job. (oh -thats right.... ) Most Muslim workers see it as an unpleasant joke"  First off ISIS is all ready there.

 You said, Zionist's caused the terror,  Commonwealth Banking, British International trade with Islam, and all this time I thought the UN was a org to control the world, not knowing who is building the NWO.

 League of Nations rejected by Congress, Woodrow Wilson and the Federal Reserve within Commonwealth. United Nations, a creation of League of Nations noted in WW1 for world peace.

United Nation's headquarters in New York, a extinction of EU Germany.

United Nation's world courts, in the US. Commonwealth Banking of the United Nations, is seen as a foundation of America.

 So to sum it up, the UK with their people in the United States Government are building the NWO through the UN....fancy that.

 The British Empire was the first to enforce Sharia Law in the UK. They were the first to start open borders world wide. And to even think the US Border Wall is to stop migrants from coming into America is a lie and a joke.

 Who build the 48 U.S. Mexico border crossings, with 330 ports of entry. it was the UK operated UN- US- UK Global Migration Compact. Fancy that.

  Now what ISIS group members are in New Zealand: Hmmm?

oh, here is one of their videos, fake news right sure thing:

So, in your opinion, do you think the terror was committed by isis ? and not a white supremacist like the Govt. thinks or a zionist like the migrants think. 

 The murders was by a nut, ISIS has members in New Zealand.

Zionist is the British Rothschild Banking System, they also own and operate the Federal Reserve.

 It all very Jewish you know...:)


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