Jeffrey Epstein Was Given Three 12 Yr Old Girls to Abuse As A Birthday Gift, Unsealed Court Documents Claim

 Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims that three 12-year-old girls were flown in from France for him to abuse as a sadistic birthday present, according to unsealed court documents from a 2015 lawsuit.

The gift allegedly came from Epstein’s longtime friend and top model scout Jean-Luc Brunel 

The Mail Online reports: Giuffre made the allegations in a civil suit filed by the Miami US attorney’s office in 2015. It sought to overturn the sweetheart plea bargain Epstein received in 2008, under which he served just 13 months in prison after pleading guilty to having sex with a minor. 

 She said that the French girls, believed to be sisters, were a gift from Epstein’s longtime acquaintance and frequent guest Jean-Luc Brunel.  

‘Jeffrey bragged after he met them that they were 12-year-olds and flown over from France because they’re really poor over there, and their parents needed the money or whatever the case is and they were absolutely free to stay and flew out,’ Giuffre said.

 She said she saw the three girls with her own eyes and that Epstein had repeatedly described to her how the girls had massaged him and performed oral sex on him. They were flown back to France the next day.

The lawsuit filed by the Miami US attorney’s office in 2015 claims that the French girls were a gift from Epstein’s longtime acquaintance and frequent guest Jean-Luc Brunel (pictured)

‘He was so excited about the entire event, replayed over and over again over the next course of weeks how cute they were and how you could tell they were really young,’ she said.  

‘He went on to tell me how Brunel bought them in Paris from their parents, offering them the usual sums of money, visas, and modeling career prospects. 

‘Laughing the whole way through, Jeffrey thought it was absolutely brilliant how easily money seduced all walks of life, nothing or no one that couldn’t be bought.’ 

 Another civil suit also involving Giuffre alleges that Brunel and Epstein recruited young girls from South America and Eastern Europe to have sex with him. 

 Epstein invested $1million to help launch Brunel’s Miami-based modeling firm MC2, in return for a ‘supply of girls on tap’, the suit claims. 

 Brunel allegedly acquired illegitimate visas for underage girls from foreign countries and Epstein housed them at his brother’s apartment in Manhattan. 

‘Jeffrey and Brunel would charge them for rent, forcing them to work for them selling their bodies for money, nude pictures, and even pornography,’ Giuffre said in the suit. 

‘These were what seemed like really nice people with not so nice intentions setting an impression of how the dignified wealth play and behind closed doors they had as much civilized manners as a barbaric chimpanzee in heat. 

‘Giving a girl a step up in finances by teaching them their only worth is what lay between their legs, us girls all were the same in the end, regardless of what country we come from, what language we spoke or our cultural differences, we were all being used for one thing alone, our youthful looks and beautiful bodies.’

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These sick bastards need to hang.

Agree 100%, however who'd do the hanging? they all seem to fit the bill....

 Nothing for now will be done against the international banking family...for now...:)

all persona non gratis, I'll gladly apply for the hangman's job, pro gratis even ;) 

The Rothschild Banking family at their best....:)

That's a name that keeps popping up.

And the real controllers are names we never heard. The Caucus Mountains have over 240,000 Jews with an actual bloodline dating back several thousand years. Not the Ashkenazis. The scapegoats we know about like the Rothschild's are window dressing. Other Jews take orders as well.

The Rothschild's are Khazar, how did they obtain Jewish blood, in the beginning they were not Jews.

 The photo taken from a historical book, the man on the horse is a Khazar, the man below is one of the Tribes Of Dan, true blooded Israelite's..... Followers of Christ.

 Now let me tell you what I know, this here, 卐, was found in Israel, it is over 12000 year old. It was brought there by the Tribes of Dan, and the Khazar of England that wrote the King James Bible state The Tribe of Dan was removed. It is the Christian foundation of Israel that the Khazar Jews hate and the Tribes of Dan, the Tribe of Dan was the Judge of all Jews, that must of pissed them off...:)

 Khazar was never Jewish, until the raided the Tribes of Dan, through rape women of the Israelite Tribes , then they raped the offspring.

 Khazar Jews, Revelation 2:9, they are not true Jews.


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