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In an unprecedented show of bipartisan solidarity the corporate-controlled media heralded Jeffrey Epstein’s “death,” and denounced “conspiracy theories,” even one fueled by President Trump.

What gives?

Is it possible that the world’s wealthiest most successful blackmailer and child sex trafficker would not have secured his own life with the smut videos he filmed for “favors” endearing himself to the media’s most popular political personalities and celebrities?

And where are those videos now? Will Ghislaine Maxwell commit “suicide” next off the side of a boat like her father, Mossad double-agent, Robert Maxwell–the media mogul? (1)


The image below shows the infamous magician, Raymond Joseph Teller, star of PHARMAWHORES: The Showtime Sting of Penn & Teller.

This is an actual training slide from Britain’s leading intelligence agency responsible for administering PSYOPS (i.e., psychological operations). The GCHQ–Government Communications Headquarters–directs the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) as the slide shows.

This Anglo-American social-engineering agency leads the world in media technologies and ploys.

They teach their agents using training slides like this one. This shows they teach how to use “media magic” to “make something happen in the real world or cyber world.”

That quote comes from the second slide below, sourcing from this same set of training graphics.

These were leaked by Edward Snowden from his National Security Agency heist. Snowden, in what could have been a PSYOPS of its own, leaked this intelligence from records stolen from Booze Allen Hamilton–the “Langley of the Pacific” in Honolulu.

As you can see, “Information Ops” influences, disrupts, and damages targets. In this case, you are the target.

The wider target is the general public. In order to “Deny / Disrupt / Degrade / Deceive” people about the child sex trafficking crimes committed by the elitist in the Anglo-American cult, these agencies engage the threat of exposure to neutralize any and all opposition.

That’s why it’s called “JTRIG”– “JOINT THREAT RESEARCH INTELLIGENCE GROUP.  The “joint threat” is the socially-disruptive exposures leading to indictments of government officials in the U.S. and England.

They have been engaged in pedophilia and child sex trafficking as Sherri Kane first and foremost made publicly-known ten years ago. A huge percentage of government officials, East and West, are pedophiles or sex perverts.

It is unreasonable to presume the facts cited below do not incriminate the high ranking officials photographed with Epstein and Maxwell over the years.

Their agents and agencies that control the Western presses, Hollywood, the news networks, even the Justice Department, FBI and CIA, are implicated by associations and conflicting interests.

Eyes of suspicion fall on both sides of the political isle.

And so it is similarly unreasonable to conclude, given the facts cited below, that the media’s coverage of Jeffrey Epstein’s “death,” and its scandalous aftermath, is anything other than a PSYOPS” and exercise in social-control.

In law there is such a thing as a “presumption of facts.” A presumption of facts is defined in law as “a conclusion of fact constructed logically from other provenfacts.”

Here, with the media’s coverage Jeffrey Epstein alleged demise, the “presumption of facts” are so overwhelming that they establish a “presumption of guilt” in law.

In this case, there are many many conflicting facts reported by the media that a presumption of guilt indicts the media and complicit Western Governments (also called the “Deep State”) clearly guilty of contriving a PSYOPS.

It appears that President Trump is equally complicit albeit correct in Twittering this is a conspiracy involving his political opponents.

The pattern proves a  governmental PSYOPS by the “preponderance of evidence.” Guilt is presumed, therefore, by law. And “guilt by association” is also clearly present on several levels evidencing conspiracy to defraud the public and protect the guilty.

In other words, the facts stack up and show a clear and convincing pattern. I

t is a pattern and practice of deception. Facts over-and-over-again disprove media reports, including Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged death and what was reported before, during and after the announcement.

The media clearly did not act independently, as this “death” PSYOPS demonstrates. ALL THE MEDIA agreed that Epstein died, backed only by hearsay and conflicting evidence. That coherence in uncertainty, and coordinated confusion, does not show competent nor independent journalism.

It shows incompetence and outrageous bias. There were no mainstream media investigations of the alternative theory that Epstein was “switched out” according to facts you will review below. Epstein’s death was simply accepted and reported.

At minimum, this shows complicity of the media monopoly with the intelligence agencies sourcing the PSYOPS.

We see clear and convincing evidence proving the “Jeffrey Epstein Death PSYOPS.”

This article is written for you as a jury person in the “Court of Public Opinion” deciding the charge of PSYOPS."

read the rest (lots more info and pics) here:


Thanks to JudicialCorruptionNews and the co-authors.

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