Man with CDC ties, DoD clearance, and a large weapons cache says he was on a ‘secret mission dealing with a virus’ when he was apprehended

Man with CDC ties, DoD clearance, and a large weapons cache says he was on a ‘secret mission dealing with a virus’ when he was apprehended

A man claiming to be on a secret mission may have ties to a super secret shadow government agency that has been running black ops for decades

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MASSACHUSETTS (INTELLIHUB) — A man named Francho Bradley, 59, and his wife Adrianne Dershunit Jennings, 40, were apprehended by Tewksbury Police on 25 March following a police search of their Residence Inn hotel room which yielded a large weapons and equipment cache which included a number of long guns, silencers, ammunition, smoke grenades, flash bangs, a rocket launcher, cellular phones and even satellite phones — virtually everything needed to conduct a full scale black op similar to the 1 October Las Vegas shooting.

The massive weapons and equipment cache was discovered by officers who made entry into room #521 using a cleaning services room key around 4 p.m. after Bradley called 9-1-1 and claimed that his room which he admitted contained a firearm may have been broken into after he noticed his remote camera feed (much like Stephen Paddock’s) cut out while he was out and about. However, what the three officers and a detective found when they forced entry into room #521 was alarming, to say the least.

“Upon entry, we cleared the hotel room for possible suspects [but] did not locate anyone inside but we did observe what appeared to be a large duffel bag with several long guns sticking out of it,” Detective Patrick M. Connor stated in a police report (Ref: 18-12740-AR) filed later that day in which Officer Connor states that he also observed a fully loaded handgun which contained 6 rounds.

Sgt. Columbus who was present at the hotel phoned Bradley to ask if he would give his consent for police to search the room while Bradley was still on his way back from Route 495. According to the report, Bradley agreed to the search and continued to head that way.

When Det. Patrick Connor attempted to remove the firearms from what appeared to be a duffel bag a closer inspection revealed the bag was not a bag at all and rather a green flight suit. One of the three firearms had a detached stock and a silencer while another “appeared to be an AR-15 style riffle with a grenade launcher affixed to the bottom” of it. A number of fully-loaded magazines were found in a dresser drawer nearby along with a third rifle that was brown in color.

“In the bedroom located on the right side of the hotel room we located a gun case with a larger capacity camouflage-colored rifle with a scope [and] three loaded high capacity feeding devices that matched the rifle,” Connor reported. Additionally, one of the rifles recovered was outfitted with a bump stock (much like Stephen Paddock’s weaponry) which is illegal in Massachusetts.

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