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Mike Adams of NATURAL NEWS, for whom I have great respect in the area of Health, has joined the fools whose 'trust, faith and hope' in Trump has become a threat to our very liberty.

In his recent post and video (below) he (Adams) actually be-lie-ves that Trump can, will and needs to declare Martial Law to bring the 'Deep State' to heel.
Really? How is bringing the complete power of the Zionist controlled, bat-sh*t war crazy, against(?) the Zionist controlled, bat*shit war crazy, Deep State going to work under Martial Law?

Some fools have posted comments to his insanity. Like this one: “I do support President Trump. If he needs to lock us down for a while, so be it. Just get the seditious scum.”
Really, who us us? And just what kind of ‘lock down’ will we permit? Do you really think the Israeli trained Police of the United States of Israel (look it up yourself) is going to turn on it’s master?

No, I would think it more likely that it will be US, the outspoken ant-war, anti-Zionist that will be targeted.

Every time I debate someone on their continued support for Trump, they ignore facts of Trumps actions since becoming President and have to fall to the same mantra as the Obama supporters did; Faith Hope and Trust.
Without those near religious blinders on Mike’ post would be seen for the foolishness it is.

Trump is giving the Deep State and Israel everything it wants but you have to be convinced he is fighting them.
The facts tell a much different story.

• No wall, and he could just put our troops on the border, prosecute Politicians and business owners under Title 8.
• His DOJ is protecting Hillary and the Deep State.
• We are still in Syria and looking to obey Israel and attack Iran.
• We are supporting genocide in Yemen.
• Our military is spreading through Africa now.
• He disbanded Commission on Voter Fraud.
• He promised a real look at Vaccines but now, more than a year later, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., head of the Vac Safety Commission told The Guardian he hasn't heard from the White House in six months. He said there's been "zero progress" and that the administration has cut off communications. And his
Surgeon General: Dr. Jerome M Adams is praised by the Vaccine pushing crowd.
• GUANTANIMO torture center is still open,
• Hillary being protected by Trumps own appointees. He could end the corruption in the DOJ by firing Sessions and appointing any number of others who would get to the truth, shut down Meuller, prosecute Hillary, investigate the FBI, …
• His every appointment has been Deep Staters, Warmongers and Israel Firsters.
• Secretary of State, Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo , when asked about Israeli snipers murdering unarmed protesters said "We believe the Israelis have the right to defend themselves, and we're fully supportive of that,"
• "Trump’s Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai set out his plans to address internet regulation at a speech in Washington on Wednesday. Pai has vowed to take “fire up the weed-whacker” and cut Obama-era rules meant to enforce an open internet where all traffic is treated equally online – the so-called net neutrality rules."-The Guardian
• National Security Advisor- John Bolton, who is batshit crazy for war against Iran and has been for over a decade, but said and I quote, “I no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy”, so enlisted in the Maryland Army National Guard rather than wait to find out if his draft number would be called.
• “Bloody” Gina Haspel, his nominee for CIA director has overseen and worked to cover up torture.
• Brett Kavanaugh Trumps latest betrayal, who Judge Nepolitano said of and I quote, ”This person is at the heart and soul of the D.C. establishment against whom the president railed.”- Kavanaugh believes the government does not need a warrant to spy on you, recently argued that net neutrality rules violated the free speech rights of internet service providers (ISPs), and was involved in the cover-up of the murder of Vince Foster.
• Jeff Sessions still in there protecting Hillary
• FBI Chief Christopher Wray: “I Have No Idea What the Deep State Is.”
• Treasury Secretary Steven Munchin who doesn't think Davos gathering of elites is a 'hangout for globalists'…
• Mad Dog. James Mattis Secretary of Offense’, this will not be satisfied till we are in a war with Russia and China.
• Commerce Secretary- 1976-2000 Wilbur Ross worked for the investment bank Rothschild Inc. During his tenure, he becomes a top bankruptcy adviser. He earned Trump’s gratitude while representing bondholders of Taj Mahal Casino after it entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings in 1991, working out a deal that allowed Trump to stay on as chairman. Another war monger as well- Trade at the barrel of a gun. In 2004, The Economist described Ross's views as protectionist, Ross, at the 2018 World Economic Forum, responded to concerns by noting that "There have always been trade wars. The difference now is U.S. troops are now coming to the ramparts."
• TSA, NSA, CIA, FBI have all been given more power than ever to spy us.
• Trump plays the victim card as taught by his Zionist handlers
• Why does Hillary still have her clearance?
• If the MSM really hated trump they only have to tell the truth about him to his base. “Look who he put in, look what he has done. Cool with that? “

No, Trump is not our ‘savior’, he is a danger not only to us but to the world. -Chuck (Smithfix) Smith, Texas USA

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The only thing I ever found non-credible about Adams is his connections to Jones / Infowars

Natural News keeps deleting this post in the comements.
HYPOCRACY on sensorship?

If that's true; that's a huge disappointment. 




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