MULTICULTURALISM ROCKS! Berlin Christmas market: 9 dead, at least 50 injured in truck crash

MULTICULTURALISM ROCKS! Berlin Christmas market: 9 dead, at least 50 injured in truck crash

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If we're gonna promote head-chopping & rape can we at least start with Merkel? I know no one wants to rape the ole hag but can we at least decapitate the wicked traitor?

When are the Europeans gonna finally rise-up & start going Rambo on these sick, sadistic fucks, starting with their governments?

A happy face in the middle of the massacre. Some Middle Eastern Christmas spirit.

Multiculturalism does it, look at sweden lol

No one would fuck merkel, let alone rape the sour c*nt, i wouldn't even go there with soroses wrinkly old member lol

Berlin truck attack was a false flag.

Israeli "terrorism expert" professor Shlomo Shpiro JUST HAPPENED TO BE AT THE SAME MARKET 10 minutes before the attack

"The Israeli politician and terrorist expert Shlomo Shpiro spends two hours on the Christmas market on Breitscheidplatz yesterday. Somehow it gets too cold for him. As he sits on the bus, a truck races into the Christmas market and kills numerous people." (Translated from German)

Clearly the real perpetrators were counting on police to shoot the Pakistani guy as he was running away. When that didn't happen, and he turned out to be innocent, the real perpetrators planted the ID of someone else (a Tunisian named Anis Amri) in the truck to give them cover. The passport is suddenly "found" in the cabin of the truck on December 21st. So this Tunisian is then made into the new bad guy, supposedly "pledging allegiance to ISIS," and is conveniently killed by "heroic" Italian police in a Milan suburb on December 23rd. (Recall how Mohammed Atta's passport was "found" - intact - in the smoking ruins of the WTC just after 9/11)

False flag!



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