NaturalNews"Antidepressants AGAIN: Dayton shooter found to have mind-altering SSRI drugs in his system"

"Antidepressants AGAIN: Dayton shooter found to have mind-altering SSRI drugs in his system"

"(Natural News) Just like we’ve long speculated, the latest news reports about “Dayton shooter” Connor Betts reveal that the now-deceased 24-year-old did, in fact, have SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) antidepressant pharmaceuticals in his system at the time when he’s said to have gone on a mass shooting spree, killing his sister, her boyfriend, and seven other people before allegedly killing himself.

According to an autopsy report, Betts had not only been taking mind-altering SSRIs in the lead-up to his murder melee, but he was also taking cocaine, Xanax, and alcohol, three other deadly drugs linked to extreme violence. In other words, Betts was severely mind-altered by a combination of Big Pharma and Big Alcohol when he decided to take the lives of innocent people for no apparent reason.

Mainstream news outlets are finally admitting the truth that, rather than being the gun’s fault, it was actually the legal and illegal narcotics that Betts had been taking that ultimately drove him to murder his fellow human beings in cold blood – these brain-damaging chemicals apparently manipulating the young man into doing something horrific that he otherwise may not have done."

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Another potential MKUltra op.

Thats so cute when you want attention, I fell the say way, trying to let people know if they do not unite, a community, you all are going to die.

 But  of course my little warning blog and Two Feather's video is taking up space...

Oh well.................


Many drugs, such as nicotine and Valium, make new receptors grow in number. Receptors are complex ribbons of proteins. With Benzodiazepines and opiates, different receptors grow, many times they are deformed and decouple so they are of little effect.

But SSRIs are unique, in that they make new neurons (brain cells) grow, the subtype (serotonergic) that respond to the drug. They grow all over the brain, where they are not supposed to be. This is called "brain remodeling". This is an entirely unintended effect. However, like the opportunistic parasites they are, Big Pharma are now claiming that this may be part of their therapeutic mechanism. Although it is likely the method behind their being the cause of mass shootings, suicide and other benefits to society. in addition, this effect makes it incredibly hard to quit taking SSRIs, even tapering off over long periods of time. And one may never return to a natural state, after taking them for long periods of time.

In fact, a French drug, Tianeptine, that has the exact opposite effect of SSRIs, has proven to be extremely effective for depression. One can get Tianeptine without a prescription in the US, by the way.

Sounds like the shi*t the CIA uses for mind control...:)

Hi Mrs.Tif check this (if you are not familiar with it already)

Project MKUltra

James, thanks for the insightful post. 


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