NEO: "From Orwell to Huxley: Grim Prospects of Truth-Telling"


NEO: "From Orwell to Huxley: Grim Prospects of Truth-Telling"

By Henry Kamens

"Scroll through NEO’s website and you will realize that we have been honest in reporting the problems the world faces on a daily basis. The articles are straightforward: real issues, real people, and real insight.

While we are steadfast in our reporting, more and more journalists are being subject to the most severe form of censorship, some have taken to – self-censorship in order to avoid the wrath of the powers that be. Such arm twisting by the authorities is nothing but a frontal attack on any semblance of a free media.

It is even worse than that—people, in general, are so skeptical of anything written or reported by the mainstream news nowadays. Things have gotten to the point where they don’t believe anything that the MSM says, however, the unfortunate part is that now the lines between mainstream and independent media has also started blurring, with more and more independent media also falling in step with the official government line.

I have a distant relative who now says that she refuses to watch or read any news from any source since it is all propaganda, and this feeling of discontent is becoming widespread.

Mark Twain once said, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.” But the wise Mark Twain could also not imagine the dystopian world we live in today, where the only alternative is not to read anything and not to trust anything, as much of news has been turned into mindless entertainment.

We know what is happening to Julian Assange, and that is no longer real news, at least for most viewers and the MSM. His ordeal, first at his Embassy holdup after jumping bail, and then being turned over to UK authorities is just the start of another horror story. Given his deteriorating health his stay at the prison is putting his life at risk, and even UN Human Rights experts have warned of his health complications.

All that is happening now was predicated by earlier writers. Hence it is time to revisit a bit of ominous literature, as it is not as if we were not warned about what to look forward to in the future.

“Brave New World” vs. “1984” – which won?

The BBC did an excellent adaptation of “Brave New World” many years ago. I don’t think it survived on tape (it was a few years before the VCRs became ubiquitous). I was able to find one that is close, with Aldous Huxley, an interview with Mike Wallace back in the late ’50s which describes the enemies of freedom in the United States.

My first reaction was that of surprise as all that was described seemed so true even in today’s context. He had been able to accurately describe how various bureaucracies, technology, and propaganda methods work in tandem to create a false narrative and distract the people from more real and pressing issues. From his description it becomes clear that the methods being used today to distract us are the same that Hitler used, only now they have become more effective.

To compare and contrast, George Orwell’s “1984”, and Alex Huxley’s “Brave New World”—they both predicted different visions of a dystopian future. What has emerged now is a combination of the two takes on what the future holds, or at least that is what the situation looks like as of now.

People say we are more Huxley than Orwell, but there are some Orwellian methods too, at least for journalists and whistleblowers. Orwell saw a world where fear was used whereas Huxley perceived a world where we will be manipulated in other ways—more effectively and willingly!

It is so very true that Truth has become Treason with the torture of Julian Assange. The powers to be would like us not to consider him a journalist. Truth has never been well received by governments who want to hide it, at any cost, even at the expense of fundamental principles of the founding fathers. But the situation is getting grim day-by-day now.

So, where does that leave us?

The lesson to others is clear: challenge the global US military empire and you will be destroyed.

Politicians are acting as bullies like George Orwell predicted… perhaps. Huxley’s “Soma” drug is allegorical to how people are drugged by devices and perhaps some actual drugs.

In Enemies of Freedom Huxley is exposing how free choice, the rational side of man are bypassed – and how the democratic process is circumvented and efforts made to eliminate what would be informed and free choice. Huxley dives deep into the forces that are taking away freedom, including electronic devices, overpopulation, and materialism.

However, the greatest threat is over the organization of society and the lack of “thinking beings.” The system, including how education is allocated makes sure that those who question the most are afforded the least conducive environment for learning."

read the rest here:

Thanks to NEO and Henry Kamens

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[ripping opening the envelope] And the winner is Aldous Huxley and George Orwell...

A good read.

Yes a good read!  

  One thing that always sticks out to me is how Huxley was in the know about many things. 

The quote   "There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it."  screams of the worlds drug addled society, whether from prescriptions like oxy, drugs like heroin and its resurgence,  or legalization of Marijuana. It is unnerving how disconnected all people have become. 

  As the article states, many people read articles or watch video clips and cannot differentiate real from false/fact from fiction. We have been lied to for too long. 

Thanks for your reply CC.

Yes I agree. It's like when your driving in traffic and you look all around you and know that 25-35% of the driver's are on pain meds and 20-30% are on anti-depressants and 10-15% are on both. Then there's the drunks and the stoners. 

The pill popping populace has grown hugely in recent years with doctors over prescribing etc etc.

Welcome to a Brave New Animal Pharm (Farm)

I figured the percentages were a lot higher, of course I live in a liberal area.  lol

I would imagine that those are very conservative estimates in Demonrat Blue States....;}

I resemble the term "Stoner"sir ...ohhh shiot, lolz, wait a sec dood... that didnt sound right.. umm, did you uhhh ummm  ...shiot, ...what you call me again bro??

Today In United Socialist AmeriKa, you would never catch me driving "Str8", that's just crazy talk couz... Now, don't get me wrong here, I'm 101% totally against Drunk driving assholes + Text driving millennial numbnutz.

But if I'm driving out there albeit 2, 4, or 18 wheels, I'm going to be visually enhanced & abhorrently aware via my mobile TM and some tasty nug, I mean have ya been out there lately??.... It's a Jungle out there Jane.....

Excellent info Mr. Cox, ....BUT I'll defend to the death, the argument, that Marijuana is NOT a drug in any way, shape or form sir, but a NATURAL healing herbal plant derived from Mother Earth. My definition of the word "Drug" is any man-made, modified & manipulated molecule that's derived from toxic & caustic Man-made chemicals with 33 letter names  I'm also leaning towards man-made malevolent sources such as the oh-mighty, always worshiped, always On, b00b-tube, idiot box. The spontaneous, globally massive invasion of these personal Gov't Tracking Devices in all shapes, forms & sizes and platforms, some call Smart Fones" was no coincidence , the intentional "man-made" racial, political, ethnic divisions of this Nation as the root cause of all this human disconnection from one another

~my .17¢ (That's inflation and dollar value decline adjusted)

;)~ ....w00t! 

I totally agree CS. The pill pooping industry was spawn from the knowledge that was derived and/or taken from shamans, healers, herbalist and all those indigenous peoples by the City of London's researchers. Read The Natural History of Costa Rica for more about what I am saying.

As far as Cannabis Sativa I have used it for suppression of nausea and for increasing my appetite, and Cannabis Indica-I have used it for various types of pain relief, for insomnia, inflammation etc etc.

10 years post cancer and I am now using CBD extract from hemp mostly and both types of Cannabis as required.

I have been using Cannabis since I was twelve (early experimentation as a tween) and have used it recreationally since first trying it up until my diagnosis. 

I can only say good things about all of my experiences with Cannabis.

They say it is a gateway drug I say BS. A definite "gateway to the fridge" indeed.

Alcohol is the gateway drug and I for one don't miss it since quitting it after my diagnosis 10 years past.

That is my experience and I will stand by Cannabis as a medicinal herb that it is.

Pardon me I do not like the term "marijuana" as it is a derogatory nickname placed upon a beneficial plant for the sole purpose of demonizing it's many great uses as the "Pill Popping Industry" and the "Alcohol industry" didn't want any competition imop.

The Huxley family is a British family of which several members have excelled in science, medicine, arts, and literature. The family also includes members who occupied senior positions in the public service of the United Kingdom.

Huxley taught for a year at Eton College, where George Orwell (pen name for Eric Blair) was one of his students.

George Orwell, the author who coined the phrase "Big Brother is watching you", was himself closely watched by the British secret services, according to documents just declassified.The creator of Nineteen Eighty-Four, which envisages a day when every person's movements are scrutinised by a totalitarian state, was closely watched amid concerns that he was a prominent member of the communist movement.

Files released by the National Archives reveal that in 1942 Scotland Yard was paying close attention to Orwell, then working at the BBC. A report on January 20 by a Sergeant Ewing, of Special Branch, charted the career of Eric Blair — Orwell's real name — from 1927, the year he resigned from the Burma police.

Interesting I did not know that Orwell (Blair) was a student of Huxley, makes total sense.

Thanks Diana for the added insight.

It's interesting and makes me wonder if any of their ideas rubbed off on each other.

Huxley was also a Scientologist.... Hubbard himself did his "Auditing"

He was also tied in to the 60's drug counterculture.


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