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OK, But what can i do? (Resistance techniques for plebs Part 1)

Resistance techniques for plebs

1) Use satire parody and ridicule to remove the percieved legitimacy of the estabished.

Ailinskys rules for radicals state that one of the ways to resist and attack your enemy is to use their own weapons back against them this is especially true with respect to the "liberal" agenda which is the subjugation of men.

Satire and ridicule is also a great weapon that cam be directed against an opponent.

The whole transgender thing is in my opinion a weakness as a person can claim to be gender fluid and then leave it up to the official or whatever to decide if you're serious or not. 

You might like to consider:

"Going to the local pool and claim to be gender fluid and at this very moment feel like a woman, despite feeling like and dressing as a man when you left home. Leave it up t them o decide if you are serious. Keep a straight face, there are consequences for mistakes, film it, demand to speak to the manager. You are a gender fluid lesbian and demand to use the female changing rooms"

You don't really use the changing rooms, it puts the ridiculous back in perspective and the law is on your side, what would you do? Well I suppose you could ;)

Might be best not to do it where you are well known, I try to keep public displays of resistance to places i'm not well known, and i'd suggest keeping it random.

Obviously this strategy can be modified to the level you are comfortable with.

2) Stay fit and healthy, look after yourself


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