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Ok Raise Your Hands - How Many Of You Guys Are Gonna Watch Megyn Kelly Crucify Alex Jones Tonight?

I know. It's like professional wrestling. None of it is real. 

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Alex has been squealing like a pig even before this thing, even gets aired. He reminds me of that dude who got butt-raped in 'Deliverance'. Where's a cross-bow when you need one?

Sandy Hook! Sandy Hook! Sandy Hook! Pizza Gate! Pizza Gate! Pizza Gate! She's gonna ream his fat zionist ass, WWE style.

Better stream it, not being shown in Connecticut according to MSM

Really? That's funny.

Apparently Connecticut never heard of YouTube. Fucking home of zionist sleazebag Joe Lieberman. 

I don't know why they wouldn't show it cuz it's a hit piece. I would think the NWO in CT would like that.

AJ is a zionist. Blames Saudi Arabia & not Israel for 9/11. I mean he's their guy! What's their problem?!

Jones may be a zionist asshole but he's not stupid. I think he was playing Kelly all along while she thought she was playing him. He's gonna flip this shit all over her face. Circus. 

Complete distraction from real issues like the US sponsored genocides in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan. 

It's a show & it's a bad show.



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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...


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