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Robert De Niro on Vaccines: ‘Harvey Weinstein and I Are Working on Doing a Documentary’

  • Suddenly exposing Weinstein after decades of cover-ups seems absurd
  • Weinstein deployed the same tactic as De Niro when ousted
  • What happened to Weinstein and De Niro’s vaccine safety documentary?

The 15th annual Tribeca Film Festival was one to remember. It will long be remembered as the one whereas Tribeca co-founder and Hollywood legend, Robert De Niro, was condemned for attempting to show Andrew Wakefield’s vaccine safety documentary, Vaxxed. Filmmakers threatened to remove their films from Tribeca’s lineup if De Niro didn’t comply with the removal of the screening. And he most certainly complied.

However, De Niro went on to discuss his child’s Autism in public settings and eventually claimed that he’d be working on his own vaccine safety documentary with the now embattled Hollywood executive, Harvey Weinstein. And then things went crickets. De Niro suited up for the Liberals and began a massive anti-Trump bashing campaign, even threatening violence on multiple occasions. Rhetoric regarding the anti-vaccine or vaccine safety documentary was swept under the rug. De Niro, oddly, went from someone hoping to pay some sort of tribute to his child through promoting vaccine safety to attacking Trump, the same Trump who seemingly shares De Niro’s views over the matter.

PAUSE. Before we go any further, I’d like to note Weinstein’s immediate reactions to being called out for sexual improprieties to the NY Times.

“I’m making a movie about our president …”

“I am going to need a place to channel that anger so I’ve decided that I’m going to give the NRA my full attention. I hope Wayne LaPierre will enjoy his retirement party.”

Weinstein’s immediate reaction to allegations of paying off at least 8 women is to attack Trump and the NRA? Isn’t that similar in scope to how De Niro handled his own mudslinging?

According to an interview with Vulture, De Niro seemed to care a lot about the matter prior to wanting to punch Trump.

“What I learned, first of all, there was a big reaction, which I didn’t see coming, and it was from filmmakers — supposedly, I have yet to find out who it was,” expressed the “Hands of Stone” actor. “I wanted to just know who they were, because to me there was no reason not to see the movie.”

It seems De Niro was attempting to learn more about who is detractors were.

“The movie is not hurting anybody. It says something. It said something to me that was valid. Maybe some things were inaccurate, but if the movie was 20 percent accurate, it was worth seeing,” said De Niro. “And they were saying it’s because of the filmmaker and he was discredited, but how was he discredited? By the medical establishment? There’s a lot going on that I still don’t understand, but it makes me question the whole thing, and the whole vaccine issue is a real one. It’s big money. So it did get attention. I was happy about that,” he added

Something is there with vaccines, because they’re not tested in some ways the way other medicines are, and they’re just taken for granted and mandated in some states,” he explained. “And people do get sick from it. Not everybody, but certain people are sensitive, like anything, penicillin.”

“I’m working on something else,” De Niro said. “Harvey Weinstein and I are working on doing a documentary, but I don’t what to talk much about it, because when I talk about it, something happens. But that’s what we plan to try to do.”

How does one go from this impassioned a position to never mention it again, and instead, replacing it with the liberal mantra of “we hate Trump.”


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