RT:"Venezuela’s minister says major power outage likely caused by ‘cyberattack’, points finger at US"

RT:"Venezuela’s minister says major power outage likely caused by ‘cyberattack’, points finger at US"

"A cyber-attack is likely the reason for the major blackout that left most of Venezuela in darkness, a Maduro government official said, hinting that the US may be involved in the offensive.

As Venezuela is still reeling from a nationwide blackout, Nicolas Maduro’s government says the emergency was the result of an external influence. The major power outage was likely prompted by a cyber-attack against the Guri hydroelectric plant which produces 80% of the country’s electricity, Jorge Rodriguez, Venezuela’s communication and information minister said on Friday, according to local media.

The official went on to hint that US Senator and fierce anti-Maduro campaigner Marco Rubio may be linked to the offensive. Rodriguez found it suspicious that shortly after the failure Rubio shared specific information on Twitter about the emergency that even local authorities were not aware of at that time.

"How did Marco Rubio know [of the attack] a few minutes later that the backup generators had failed? At that time, no one knew yet."

Branding the country-wide power outage “the most brutal attack on the Venezuelan people in 200 years,” the minister promised to file a complaint to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

President Nicolas Maduro earlier also raised suspicions of Washington standing behind the power outage as he accused the US of waging the “electricity war.” The country’s electric energy minister, for his part, said that “deliberate sabotage” on behalf of the US-backed opposition was the reason."

read the rest: https://www.rt.com/news/453403-veneuzuela-outage-cyber-attack/

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 It is much deeper then this, Russia entered the game, they are going to by their oil, this Government of the good old USA, are the ones trying to take over their country. Obey the NWO Masters or be shut down. At first the other counties of South America, were helping, now several said no to the Global Elite with their butts parked in our Government.

Hi Tif, for sure Russia wants the oil and also wants the mountain of gold.

"Russian companies get green light to mine gold in Venezuela"


And of course let's not forget about the strategic importance of Venezuela (ie proximity to the Panama Canal) and the fact that both Panama and Columbia are US client states.

I am sure Russia along with Chinese (who have been lending Maduro money) would love to have a military/naval outpost in Venezuela

What happened at the power plant in Venezuela is a text book example of the Stuxnet virus, the same program that took out Fukushima.

I saw this article on RT. I didn't even bother reading it cause a big flash of "NO SHIT!" flashed through my mind, & I moved on...


"Destroying the New World Order"


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