Scientific American confirms: Atrazine herbicide is a “sex-changing weed killer” that turns male frogs GAY

Natural NewsA scientific study has reaffirmed that a popular weedkiller manufactured by Syngenta and used on crop fields all across the United States is so damaging to the endocrine system that it can actually turn natural-born males into females.

Published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the paper by researchers from the University of California, Berkeley found that African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis) exposed to just 2.5 parts per billion (ppb) of atrazine for three years – a level below the 3 ppb allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in human drinking water – ended up losing their maleness and becoming chemically castrated.

Of the 40 frogs that were included as part of the experiment, 30 could no longer reproduce after 36 months of exposure to atrazine. Meanwhile, four of the frogs actually turned from male to female, and proceeded to mate with other males and successfully produce viable eggs – even though they were all born as natural males at the beginning of the study.

Only six of the 40 frogs were in any way normal at the conclusion of the study, suggesting an 85 percent damage rate resulting from exposure to atrazine at levels below what the federal government has deemed as “safe” for humans.

Just to be sure that the results weren’t erroneous, the researchers made sure to use male frogs with only ZZ sex chromosomes, meaning they couldn’t possibly have been hermaphrodites at the study’s outset. All 40 of the frogs were, in fact, males, and no other factor besides the atrazine, at least as far as this particular study is concerned, could have impacted their transitions from male to female.

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“If we got hermaphrodites, there was no way to know if they were males with ovaries or females with testes,” stated biologist and study author Tyrone Hayes. “By using all ZZ males, we were assured that any hermaphrodites or females were indeed sex-reversed males.”

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Atrazine. That shit or a derivative of it must be in soy.

I believe that MSM reported on the gay amphibian stuff up to a decade before Jones, remembering reading articles long before i've even heard about Jones in the early 90's. Yet they make fun of it themselves. 

Correct me if i'm wrong, but if we could reverse the process or product, and feed it to all of the homosexual humans that claim they are born that way, then we could in esscence cure homsexuality. There is a fortune to be made here, espically in San Francisco alone. But i'm betting the homo's would turn it down proving, its a life choice.

SF is literally covered in human shit. They need Porto Potties more than anything else. 

LMAO, the product is in the making in my kitchen. Thinking Sodomitrazine is a good brand name?

by God Jones is right

jones has been right about alot of things in the past. even if he is an egomaniacle attention whore. he at least did his homework. he's a bit too trumptipgagging lately though. i wish he would just stick to the news and not talk about trump at all. not many places where one can hear the people he ends up interviewing. certainly not the mainstream media.

i also like podcasts. 

There is no question he is responsible for waking up many many people. Most of us here not regular listeners tho.  I listened in the early 2000s but faded away feeling there wasn't anything new for me there anymore. Plus AJ talking about AJ a bore.

There are people I would like to hear on his show, but he won't let them talk.  Always interrupting them in the middle of their statements to add his opinion.  I can barely stand to listen to him for  5 minutes.

 Yep. He just can't shut the f up,

Yeah he does too much trump cock sucking for my taste. And he keeps repeating the lie that unemployment is 5% when 100 million Americans are unemployed. There's 320 millions Americans. Do the math. Figure it out for your self. It's one out of three.

that's funny



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