Sweden Is Sliding Into Chaos — and the Media Is Applauding Sweden is the canary in the coal mine for the West

Sweden has been dominating the news since Donald Trump mentioned the troubled Scandinavian country during a rally on Saturday in Florida. Trump mentioned Sweden while speaking about the massive transformations various European countries have undergone as a result of the ongoing "migrant crisis".

Here's the line that got Trump in trouble: “You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden” — Poor choice of words perhaps but the context was clear. The lying press took this to mean that he was referring to a specific terrorist attack that had occurred recently.

They gloated and guffawed with their typical smarmy snark and started one long collective gloat about how there wasn't any terror attack in Sweden. Now they had him! Another example of the president propagating fake news! The only problem was that Trump was referring to a Tucker Carlson segment about Sweden. He clarified his earlier comments in a tweet. Trump then doubled down.

The mainstream media jumped at his throat as expected, but this was a classic Trump misdirection. Trump has pulled this trick several times during the campaign, he leaves an opening for the press to swoop in. Almost always, it is a well-laid trap that ends up making the press look stupid and drawing attention to a topic that they had pointedly ignored before that point.

Three days after Trump brought up Sweden, massive riots started in the suburbs of Stockholm. This time it was in the neighborhood of Rinkeby. And just like that, Donald Trump was vindicated. To top it all off, now, many blissfully unaware people are suddenly interested about the situation in Sweden. The media of course, was quick to play down how bad the migrant crisis had hit Sweden. They immediately started doing damage control.

A foreign correspondent for the Swedish liberal tabloid newspaper Expressen fired back. She even came on Tucker Carlson. Her performance raised more questions than answers.

It seems that Tucker Carlson’s careful prodding is also deliberate. He is keen to push the angle that Sweden is suffering from mass psychosis. A sort of country-wide Stockholm Syndrome.

swedish reporter assaulted.pnghttp://russia-insider.com/en/sweden-mess-big-fat-mess-sad/ri19018

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