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Texas Official: State Actively Preparing to Become an Independent Nation

Barry Smitherman, head of the powerful Texas Railroad Commission and is seeking to be the state's next Attorney General, made waves last week with comments about economic collapse, energy policy and the future. However, those things only led up to a much bigger statement: "We have made great progress in becoming an independent nation, an 'island nation' if you will, and I think we want to continue down that path so that if the rest of the country falls apart, Texas can operate as a stand-alone entity with energy, food, water and roads as if we were a closed-loop system."

In an interview with WND, Smitherman added that Texas is "uniquely situated because we have energy resources, fossil and otherwise, and our own independent electrical grid."

"This was one of my goals at the Utility Commission, and it is one my goals currently as chairman of the Railroad Commission," Smitherman said. "That's why I stress so vehemently oil and gas production, permitting turnaround times, and everything that enables the industry to produce as much as it can, as quickly as it can."

Texas Railroad Commission head Barry Smitherman

Smitherman also said that Texas has "been very strong leading in the charge against the Obama administration."

Though Smitherman did not use the term "secession," it seems clear that Texas is at least making preparations so that it can stand, should other states around it fall. I think this is a wise thing. They see the real problems coming and are seeking to deal with them at the state level rather than allow the problems to overtake them.

“We have made great progress in becoming an independent nation, an ‘island nation’ if you will, and I think we want to continue down that path so that if the rest of the country falls apart, Texas can operate as a stand-alone entity with energy, food, water and roads as if we were a closed-loop system.”

I have at least one question regarding Texas. How is Texas dealing with their southern border and the influx of illegals pouring into the state? That seems to be just as much a threat as the other things Mr. Smitherman mentions in the interview.

I also have a question as to what other states are doing, if anything, to prepare for what is obviously on the horizon.

Following the re-election (which I believe was filled with fraud) of Barack Obama in 2012, people from all 50 states signed petitions to secede from the Union. The petitions garnered enough signatures, that shortly after, the White House raised the minimum signatures for response to petitions from 25,000 to 100,000. The Obama administration took its time in responding to those petitions and essentially sidestepped the issue, having Jon Carson respond with "But as much as we value a healthy debate, we don't let that debate tear us apart."

I don't think it's debate that is tearing this country apart. It's policies that are doing that. While Carson attempted to wax eloquently about secession and the Union, I think the Obama administration fails to realize that those petitions were merely a "shot across the bow." Smitherman is indicating that preparation is being made for the real deal by at least one state. My guess is that if Texas is doing this, there are other states quietly doing it as well.

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Don't need to worry about U.S. military aggression for the most part. I think a civilian militia and a CMP program would be entirely sufficient to defend the Lone Star state. Not to mention if Texas seceded, other states would surely follow. It may take a decade or two, but they would follow.

Sounds exciting to me and totally doable.

Don't be a wuss. Be a realist!

Texas! Gotta love Texas. Lived there a while myself. If any state could pull it off, it's the Lone Star state.

DO IT! I'll move back there in a jiff.

Unlike other States, It is a guaranteed right in the Texas State Constitution
that Texas CAN SECEDE from the Union if a sufficient number of TEXANS vote to
do so.

I say good if Texas leaves the union.  It would be the smartest thing for any State to do at this point!

Why are you so anti Robert?


Yeah that's me, SERIOUS 24/7

Side stepping the question?

Indeed, but that was not the question.

You should change your avatar and name to 'Joker' Why so serious.

Or here's a better one!

Correction as to my first comment. I was incorrect and repeated what I heard without first researching.

Does Texas have a secession clause in its annexation agreement?

No. There is no explicit clause in the Joint Resolution of Annexation stating that Texas has a special right of secession. It is an understood right given to all states when they joined the Union.

Texas has it's own independent electrical grid - good for them!  I did not know that until now.



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