The European flag Represents the Rape of the 12 Tribes of the Christian Israelite's

 by Lady Rose, These Khazar and their European flag is the Star of Remphan which is condemned in the Bible (New Testament-Acts 7:43). These Khazar's did not by chance enter into the Hebrew Faith, they came to divide it into the sins of homosexuality, and the lust to covet all nations as one.

 The Khazar also entered into the Christian faith, to bind it to Jewish Law, which they are not Gentiles of the Israelite's.

 The Khazar entered into the Arabic Faith, to divide it and radicalize their world. One believes they can co-exists as brothers, and the other now seeks to convert Christianity to Islam. This is what the Khazar has done.

 Every nation on this earth is being converted into the Khazar's Remphan Babylonian Faith.

 This Government of the USA has been building the European Nations through wars and deceptions. Their media is the falsehood for tomorrow.

 History gives way to legion, legion become a false doctrine.

 The Christian New Testament gospels of Matthew (8:28-34), Mark and Luke describe an incident in which Jesus meets a man, or in Matthew two men, possessed by demons who, in the Mark and Luke versions, when asked what their name is, respond: "My name is Legion, for we are many."

  Dan was never condemned by God, and a curse is on all who wrote the word within the Bible. My family has the book called, The Book of Life, it was not written by Khazar Jews.

 This is the mark of Dan which is in Jerusalem over 8000 years ago. This mark is all the Nations which has been attacked in the past to this very day.

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The European Union flag’s designer, Arsène Heitz, has acknowledged that the Book of Revelation (where the twelve-star halo of the Queen of Heaven was first mentioned) helped to inspire him.

The date the flag was adopted, 8 December 1955, coincided with the Catholic Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a feast decreed in 1854 by Pope Pius IX.

…many of the moving spirits of post-war European integration—Konrad Adenauer, Jacques Delors, Alcide de Gasperi and Robert Schuman—were devout Catholics. Their faith gave them a strong sense of the cultural and religious ties between Europeans that transcend national boundaries. The European flag of 12 yellow stars on a blue background also owes something to Catholicism. Arsene Heitz, who designed it in 1955, recently told Lourdes magazine that his inspiration had been the reference in the Book of Revelation, the New Testament’s final section, to “a woman clothed with the sun… and a crown of twelve stars on her head.

Well, since you have a meme I guess the designer is wrong.  And the Bible is wrong too.  

Judges 18:1-31 tells the story of the people of Dan falling into idolatry. They also did not like the territory that was theirs, so they sent out spies to find a better area. In the north, some representatives of Dan learned of an area where a peaceful group of people lived. The tribe of Dan took things into their own hands and wiped out the people of that land so they could then move the entire tribe up to a region close to the sources of the Jordan River, just south of present-day Lebanon. There they established their main city and called it Dan.  1 Kings 12:25-33 Golden calf in city of Dan  

The sons of Dan set up for themselves  the graven image; and Jonathan, the son of  Gershom, the son of  Manasseh, he and his sons were priests to the tribe of the Danites until the day of the captivity of the land. Judges 18:30 (NASB)

The tribe of Dan as a whole was guilty of gross idolatry—even to the point of stealing the idols they used to practice their religion  (Judges 18:14-31 ).

Jewish tradition says that Dan was the first tribe to follow Jeroboam into his sin of idolatry, and in their literature, the term "Dan" is often used to represent idolatry.

The tribe of Dan rejected their God and their rejection continues to this day.  In the Bible, a serpent is a symbol of Satan.  The critical, backbiting nature of Dan aligned this tribe with the kingdom of Satan instead of the kingdom of God.

 Clearly you do not understand, the King James Bible was written by Khazar Jews:

 But they a not true Jews never have been.

The Rothschild's can not erase The Tribes of Dan with Their Ink Stained Fingers.

 I officially took the King James Bible and trashed it in a 55 gal pit of fire. I will stick to the William Tyndale Bible, at lease these Biblical Scholars rejected the King of England and printed the Bible into English.

 The Bloody King of England murdered every Biblical Scholar that that translated the Bible to English.

 Have a nice night...:)


The earliest history of the Khazars in southern Russia, prior to the middle of the 6th century, is hidden in obscurity. until about 550 to 630 - between 740 and 920 CE, the Khazar royalty and nobility appear to have converted to Judaism.

May to August A.D. 325 – Council of Nicea - latin version of the Bible created - 1611 King James is English translation of the Council of Nicea version.

Clearly, the Khazar's had not converted to Judaism at the time of the Council of Nicea and the King James Bible is merely a translation of the latin version created by the Council of Nicea. 

BTW, the oldest known swastika was found in Ukraine ca 10,000 BCE and predates The Tribe of Dan by several thousand years.

 The Khazar were the children of Lilith, and to even think all men were born a Jew is ridicules,Jews  and their bloodline started from the Tower of Babylon.

  Lilith, I have to many Jewish people try to tell me her name is not in the Biblical books, but she did live.

 Adam and Eve were not white or black, they were tanned, brown skinned. And please do not even try to tell me God was a Jew....:)

Judaism, Christ cursed the Jude, in their temples.

The Khazar's entered every religion to pervert it into hate or the acceptance of homosexuality.

Germany the Tribe of Dan

American Indians, the Tribes of Dan, and what did the bloody Europeans do to defeat American Indians, they put small pox in their blanket.

Europeans under the UN Global Migration Compact is not white genocide, it is to destroy Christians.

 This is really what it is all about, Judaism vs.Christianity, and Jesus was offered to the Jews to except Christianity, to convert to the true faith that was by God's word.

 Ps... the Biblical Israelite's were in the Territory now called Israel 12,000 years ago, and so was the mark of the Tribe of Dan 卐 as of now America is attacking Syria, the Christian mark 卐 is there.

 You see Jews hate the fact that Arabic's mated with Jews, what is a true Jew, they except Christ and their blood is cleansed and they become none- Jews.

One more PS. it was Khazar Jews that removed the Book of Enoch, why he wrote about Christ. A man that walked with God and Khazar Jews hated the knowledge of Christ to be born.

PS. again Jesus was not a full blooded Jew...:)

 Diana, Which tribe brought that star in Israel? Do you know?

Common wisdom of gentiles, those that knew the Rothschild of the Khazar.

 That is the Star of the Rothschild, who brought that star into the land now call Israel. Which tribe brought that star into the holy land?

Diana, Which tribe brought that star in Israel? Do you know?

I do love to debate Diana, and so this is why Hitler wanted to destroy the Khazar Jews of the European Union, they covet.

 They have no respect for the Faith of Men in Christ.


"Destroying the New World Order"


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