The Jew: CEO Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Pushing "Holocaust Denial Laws in America"

 WASHINGTON -- Facebook is making a free speech argument to defend its policy of tolerating Holocaust denial posts on its platform.

 The tech company allows "inaccurate" information to remain on the site that does not cross into the realm of hate speech, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, said earlier this month in an interview with Recode. That policy was underscored by several other Facebook executives in recent days.

 But Paul Packer, chairman of the Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad, confronted the company's leadership last week over the policy, sending the company a pointed letter and receiving Facebook's vice president of global public policy for a contentious meeting.

 Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany and a crime in France– we know its blocked in those countries by Facebook," where they geotag posts, Packer told The Jerusalem Post after the meeting. 

 He questioned why Facebook would not replicate the policy in the United States. "It has no place in America," he added, "to rewrite history."

 The list of countries that the United nations pushed the laws into.

Holocaust deniers complain about their valid, researched, and not at all racist opinions bullshit being outlawed in several countries.  Over 179 countries prohibited telling the truth.

 Ok they will push this crap in America, their is to much evidence to support WW2 was because of the greed of banking.

 6 million murdered in the German camps, according to Poland it went from 4 million to 1.5 million.

Now according to a census, there was only 16 million Jewish people in that area.

And 6 million were in the German camps.

 Ok its like this, 6 million Jews murder in the camps this was according to them.

According to Wikipedia, millions of Jews died in the camps from typhus. And Russia used typhus as a biological weapon in WW2.

 This is all based on facts. Wikipedia, million of prisoners from typhus in the German camps.

 Further noted about typhus, according to Wikipedia.

 I am at my wits end dealing with the lies about World War Two, and I will be damn*ed it the Jew of Mark Zuckerberg Facebook, is going to school American children over a lie.

 So can anyone file in the blanks on this BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I have a complete list of all the camps, took a hour to build it.

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 One like, 361 views, ok, I am so lonely...:) heart broken, well time to wake up my husband...:)

I'm here now. Don't feel so bad. There are millions of us that know there was no "holocaust". Another Nazi Zionist money grab. None of them have earned a dime of what they have; they have no work ethic or any other kind of ethic that signals an honorable person or entity.

Yep got that right...:)


If all the legislators are being blown by the Jewish community, what makes us think they are going to yell stop? The only thing they have to worry about is getting things caught in their zippers. American voters are stupid. The US killed more German non-combatants during and after the war than the entire world-wide Jewish population. Why aren't they paying reparations for that?

 Hi Ozymandius, here is about two seconds I will show you all what the MSM media mainstream failed to report about WW2.

 First off not all Jewish people are bad,

ready here we go, post 1 comment coming up.

"Maybe not all bad" However: they gave us Jeffery Epstein, Bernard Madoff, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Jonathon Pollard, Harvey Weinstein, Dwight David Eisenhower, Henry Kissinger, all prime ministers of Nazi israel, Moses Annenberg, Joseph Amberg,  Monk Eastman, Kid Twist, Gyp the Blood, Big Jack Zelig, Dopey Benny, Yoski Nigger, Kid Dropper, Little Augie, Arnold Rothstein, AIPAC, ADL, JDL, B'nai B'rith, every member of the FED, all jew law makers, Lepke Buchalter, Gurrah Shapiro, Waxey Gordon, Dutch Schulz, Bugs and Meyer Benjamin Siegel and Meyer Lansky, King Solomon, Longy Zwillman, Moe Dalitz, Motche Goldberg, Harry Joblinsky, Abe Greenthal, Isaac Zucker, Mark Zuckerberg, Joey Adonis, Fulgencio Batista,Joe Linsey, Hyman Abrams, Louis Fox, ETC.

"Maybe not all bad". There are 10's of thousands of war criminals, child sex traffickers, black marketing of organs from murdered Palestinian children, Traitors, crimes against humanity, fraud, blackmailers, Murder Incorporated, extortionists, bribery, pickpockets, insurance fraud, identity theft, slavery, the phony "Holocaust, AKA the "Holohoax" as members of "The Tribe" refer to this scandalous fraud, ETC.

"Maybe not all bad".......ABSOLUTELY NONE ARE ABOVE SUSPICION ! !

comment 1-

The comment did not show up, One more time and then bye...I am piss*ed...:)

Communism and the Russian Communist Party are evil personified they produced this book and sent it to Germany and American and the Arabic Nations.

 Why, to start a war, in this book it has a chapter called Blood Libel, an accusation that Jewish people used the blood of Christians in religious rituals, especially in the preparation of Passover bread, that was perpetrated throughout the Middle Ages and (sporadically) until the early 20th century.

 That Ronald is just a small example why I hate them dam*n Khazar Jews. Had to have a war and pushed this shi*t in front of the German people, then Russia pushes toward Germany, what the hell do you think ran through the minds of German people that read that frigged book written by Russian Jews...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

comment 2-

Just for the hell of it...:)

 Seeing how you will not reply to this blog I will put it in your face...:) ask me again if I give a sh*t about them Khazar Jews of Russia...

100 Years of Communism and 100 Million Dead by the Khazar Jews of Russia

By David Satter:  Armed Bolsheviks seized the Winter Palace in Petrograd—now St. Petersburg—100 years ago this week and arrested ministers of Russia’s provisional government. They set in motion a chain of events that would kill millions and inflict a near-fatal wound on Western civilization.

 The revolutionaries’ capture of train stations, post offices and telegraphs took place as the city slept and resembled a changing of the guard. But when residents of the Russian capital awoke, they found they were living in a different universe.

 Although the Bolsheviks called for the abolition of private property, their real goal was spiritual: to translate Marxist- Lenin ist ideology into reality. For the first time, a state was created that was based explicitly on atheism and claimed infallibility. This was totally incompatible with Western civilization, which presumes the existence of a higher power over and above society and the state.

 The Bolshevik coup had two consequences. In countries where communism came to hold sway, it hollowed out society’s moral core, degrading the individual and turning him into a cog in the machinery of the state. Communists committed murder on such a scale as to all but eliminate the value of life and to destroy the individual conscience in survivors.

comment 3 by Lady Rose-

That book was written by a Russian, one who claims to be a Jew, that book was flooded into all of Islam and Poland, Germany, and America.

 Its intent was for hate against other Jews of faith, Russia massed produced it, wrote news paper stories about it. They wanted as war between nations, and WW2 happened.

You forgot to mention that after Germany was partitioned by the jews after WWI; millions of ethnic Germans became Polish citizens. After the Polish jews murdered over 50,000 ethnic Germans in the mid 30's: Adolph Hitler invaded Poland to prevent the jew genocide against innocent people who happened to be of German descent. WWII was another jew perpetrated war. If there really was a "Holocaust": there wouldn't be any jews left starting more conflicts that are leading up to WWIII. The jews are inherently racist with no conscience, humanity or anything considered to be a good human trait. None of that is in their DNA.

The Russian told the truth, an alien concept in the narrow jew mind.

 Let me share some of what I know, all the treaties violated by Russia. Germany went into Poland because of the Russian Khazar Jews were killing Christians and Christian Jews.

 As for this Russian Khazar Jew, (Russian: Протоколы сионских мудрецов) it has all ready been proved the ritual sacrifice of Christians, you see if someone who is Jewish excepts Christ,  they become a Gentile.

 Russia violated every treaty with Poland,France, and several others countries, as Russia moved toward Germany, with a military force more powerful then Germany, but Germany Operation Barbados, by Hitler, kicked their butts.

 Hitlers army had 750,000 Jewish troops, all most 1 million Russian Christian and Jewish troops.

 The Arabic nation united with American Indians and the white man against Russia.

 if the British Khazar Jews of England and the USA would of stayed out of it, Russia would of been defeated.

 You see Germany and the USA went into business big time, Germany showed politicians if they dump the Rothschild British Federal reserve banking system America would become independent, like Germany.

 No, there is a people whom call them self Jews and they are not, Once stated by Woodrow Wilson, America must not be allowed to rule herself.

 Woodrow Wilson visited Germany and offered the federal reserve system for printing cash, Germany said NO...

 At least one of the Rothschild family got what was coming.


"Destroying the New World Order"


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