“Hey Deep, how are you today?”

Well the food is contaminated with GMO and pesticides
and there's no nutrients in it cause
chemical fertilizers are used and the soil is depleted.

There's fluoride and other toxins in the water.

Pollution and chem-trails are killing off the plant life
and poisoning everything.

Fukushima is still releasing tons of radio-active waste into the environment everyday.

Health care is a disease-for-profit modality and has nothing to do with health whatsoever.

A lot of people are Rx zombie vegetables.

Schools are indoctrination camps designed to numb the mind and kill creativity.

Palestine is still occupied by the Israelis who act like the very Nazis
they like to bitch and moan about.

The US and NATO continue to slaughter, terrorize and torture millions of people all over the planet with no end in sight...

Along with dumping tons of depleted uranium, with a half-life of 4.5 billion years on millions of people to kill them with cancer and deform their children.

The value of my money continues to erode while more taxes are added
every day. Jobs are disappearing.

The governments of the world are tyrannical. They are watching our every move. Privacy has been outlawed.

Most people are asleep.
As we all get sicker, poorer and less free their snoring grows louder.

But other than, I'm pretty good I guess.

And you?

Hey, this is what you get when you take the Red Pill.

They say the first step to solving any problem is first identifying it, right?

Well this is a doozy of a problem.

We're all asleep at the wheel with the gas pedal floored
and most people seem to be digging their dreams
as our collective vehicle heads straight for a cliff.

World War III.

Us Red Pill-people don't have the luxury of taking the Blue Pill ever again.

Once you know that Santa Claus isn't real, you can never go back to believing in him again.

I think I spent a lot of time and energy focusing on this stuff
to make-up for the lack of attention that's being withheld from it
by most other people.

But it doesn't work that way.
A single stomach can only hold so much food.

And I think on some level I've been trying to force the Red Pill
down other people's throat.
Which doesn't work.
That's a violation of free will.

I guess one of the greatest lessons that the Red Pill has to offer
is that it teaches the virtue of detachment.

At least it can.
You don't actually have to learn it.
You can still rot in the stench of the Matrix, awhile longer, until you fully let go...

Surrender is the lesson that I'm still learning to master.

There are Forces at work here, much greater than our individual selves.

While it's very difficult to trust while living in a world based in fear,
I think that's what the Red Pill is trying to teach us.

Detach. Surrender. Trust.

Nothing to lose.
Nothing to gain.

All is well.
All is one.

Nothing needs to be fixed...

And if you still think that there's something inherently wrong with the world,
the Red Pill hasn't fully kicked-in yet.
Natural Law and the world are functioning perfectly.

Reality remains eternally whole and perfect
regardless of whether you've got your eyes open or not.
So enjoy your dreams and nightmares.
Enjoy your awakening process.

What arises from the source, eventually returns back into it.

Be Grateful.

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lol the intro alone had me crack up laughing

"Hey Deep, how are you today?”  Well the food is contaminated "

When I run out of tears the only choice left is to laugh.

(at least until my tears get replenished)


Ditto, lol

Its like I habitually append ", lol" to the end of every sentence now. Thx Obama, lol.

A recent poll indicated that 82% of the time the acronym 'LOL" is used, the person is only slightly grinning.


What does it matter that we are only slightly grinning? If we grin at all it is because we know the truth.

IDK, it might be one of those creepy pervert grins. :)

I've often said that I'd rather be laughing a little than crying a lot! 

You take what life has given you and try to build your own fortress of dreams. One thing that the NWO can not take from you nor I is our dreams, passion, spirit, hope, etc...

They can and will try to kill our bodies but they will never kill what lies within, unless we allow them to.


Hate to be a buzzkill here, but passion, spirit. hope, etc. can all be oppressed.

Maybe not outright killed.

But oppressed to the point, that it may just as well be dead.


Hmmm... yep, you're a BUZZKILL! But I understand where you are coming from.

The NWO (PTB) want us to feel exactly that... oppressed, down hardened, hopeless, helpless, etc... because why???... we are easier to control when we are in a state of mental decay. 

When we are happy, laughing, full of life, spiritual and free... we are harder to pin down and much harder to control.

That is why I will continue to write music, laugh, love and be as free while I can.


We need to fully understand who are "they"

if "we" are ever to be free of "them".

We = they

They = us.
Fuck the mindfuck.

Jimmie's Chicken Shack
This Is Not Hell lyrics

If this is hell, well that's fine with me
All of the wonder presumably happily
Eager to follow the fool that's got into
The head of me, we don't have any doubt
We're out there making friends
Unconsiously rolling through
Meanings from pollings
The answers are meaner sometimes
Than the means to our ends
So this is hell
What else could it be
Bask in glories of glorified stories
Of a basket case who has just
Broken himself from the weave
We are not making sence
Who really cares just how we feel
Infantile ramblings of penniless gamblings
A fist full of hands swinging clubs
At our new baby zeal
Yeah right
You think this is hell
Would you care to bet
Capture the beauty of domestic duty
The hampers are full and our
Laundry's perpetually wet
Think about traveling south
Find the right something
You might have left
Endless the road
Wish your past to explode
Actions remain base
But intentions in treble clef
Yeah right
This is not hell
This is purgatory
Caught here in limbo
I.Q. of a dim bulb
How many gods does it take
To screw in the likes of me
You'd think one day that I might learn
Stare in the light you cannot see
I've opened my doors of perception
And can't get them shut
Now I feel fucked for free
Everyday, yeah I feel fucked for free
Everyday, yeah I feel fucked for free
Everyday, yeah we're all fucked
I left my brain inside of my other head
You don't impress me, don't depress me
Don't supress me, just get undressed
I left my brain inside of my other head
The teachers test me, my father blessed me
The pigs arrest me, I get upset
I left my brain inside of my other head
You don't impress me, don't depress me
Don't supress me, just undress me
The teachers test me, my father blessed me
The pigs arrest me, I get upset
Boo hoo


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