by lady Rose:  Rothschild Proclaimed he Is the King of The Jews and their Connection To the King James Bible, is a sin, only through the use of their puppets, did they allow the Bible to be printed. Not in English at first, it was forbidden to allow none Jews and Jews the knowledge of God.

 The Rothschild's can not erase The Tribes of Dan with Their Ink Stained Fingers.

 The Rothschild family are the founders of the Federal Reserve Banking System, and they are the ones pushing a cashless world on all men.

 The Khazar Jews of the Rothschild's do have their fingers into all the media.

A to Z listing of Rothschild family members:

The Rothschild Bloodline:

The Horwood & James Collection Messrs Horwood and James was a firm of family solicitors. They were founded in 1792, and were based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Horwood and James were the family solicitors for Rothschilds living in the area. :

 The Star on the flag of Israel is that of the Rothschild not the Star Of David.

 A Small sample from the Rothschild Collection

 The true flag of Jerusalem, was to be the original flag for a free country to live in peace with their brothers.

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I really appreciate you doing these educational blogs. Bibliotecapleyades is such a good resource for so many research topics surrounding the 13 families, spiritual matters and other books. 

  I have always struggled with finding the path that leads to some type of enlightenment or understanding when it comes to dealing with God, Satan and metaphysical concepts. We have been lied to for too many years/eons that it is hard to break free of the programming.  

These are the topics people should be talking about, not sports or tv or mundane garbage. 

Thank you....

Your welcome....:)

Hi it's me again.... I know this is solely about the Red Shields influence....

I wanted to add a link from the same web site about the Disney family and their connection with the 13 families....

Walt was a 33rd Degree Mason and a very evil man....

Cool, I will check into it...:)

 LOL Tif


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