I can see the Headlines now: "NATO crosses Russian Border to counter "Russian Aggression". 2 days later; " NATO surrenders 10km inside Russia due to Equipment Failure" 35,000 sent to "count trees". US promises re-inforcements....soon. (someday)

I posted this (above) on a UTube Channel of US Warmongering Propaganda.  The TRUTH is folks the US is BROKE.  The ONLY (significant) money coming in is from Countries who are Forced to do business ONLY in Borrowed US Dollars.  The World NO LONGER TRUSTS the Federal Reserves FIAT money. It stands for NOTHING. It's backed by: NOTHING.  The USA is 23 TRILLION in Unpayable Debt.  It has OBLIGATIONS to Cover OVER 216 TRILLION more.( Bonds, Guarantees, Bonds-On-Debts, ON PAPER promises of GOLD( over-extended by 500% )

Collectively, as a Nation We are So far down the shitter ( from the Federal Reserve ) that we are in the Septic-Tank and sinking.  If we stopped overspending TODAY, it would take 60-120 YEARS to reach a ZERO balance sheet.

The ONLY recourse left to these CRIMINALS in DC, is to Make War upon the rest of the World, and FORCE them ALL to use US Dollars for all Banking, Trade and Commerce. The point has come where the US Taxpayer is Out-Of-Money. In Order for the Federal Reserve( read: Pyramid Scheme ) to remain solvent, it must have a Constant Inflow of "New Money".  Otherwise the Fed. Collapses, the Economy Collapses, and We THE People will BLAME THEM !  This TERRIFIES them. They will start a World War if they must. They will get all of us killed-LITERALLY-if they can keep from being Blamed. There is NO RUSSIAN AGGRESSION. Iran has NO NUKES. Assad did NOT Gas his OWN PEOPLE.  This is more USDA Government LIES.  There are NO Russian troops on OUR borders. There are NO Russian Warships in the Gulf Of Mexico. Your Government has LIED to you once again. (remember BUSH swearing Saddam Hussein has WMD's on National TV ? )

The reality is:  Our Government is CROOKED. ALL OF IT. They are TRAITORS, WAR CRIMINALS, and THIEVES.

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Love it D. You're the BEST !



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