Shaker Aamer, the last British resident imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay, says he suffers from regular assaults, including those of a sexual nature, from the guards. He has spent more than 11 years at the US detention facility without charge.

“I refuse to do what they tell me, even though I know I am about to get beaten up,” Aamer said in the phone call, which was published Thursday by British newspaper The Independent. “Sometimes, you just have to make a stand, however pointless that stand might seem to be.”

“Ultimately, it’s all about control, and if they feel they are not always in control, then that’s a threat to national security, a threat to the thousands of soldiers with their M16s at Guantánamo,” he said.

“Mostly, that’s just an assault, sometimes a sexual assault. We call it the Gitmo massage,” Aamer said. “There is meant to be a board, like a wooden stretcher, and they are meant to roll me on. But now they don’t have them.”

“They are meant to do a fireman’s lift, but they actually seize an arm or a leg and just yank,” Aamer said in the phone call with his lawyer. “You are on your side, so one of them tends to be doing a half-nelson on me, in handcuffs. It’s like the Spanish Inquisition torture Strappado – you feel as if your shoulder is being dislocated.” 

“Sometimes they put the shackles on backwards,” Aamer said. “I shout at the Watch Commander and the Corpsman, who are observing all this, as it’s painful. The head man squeezes my neck. ‘Stop resisting!’ he shouts.”

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This type of treatment is so wrong! I live for the day when all of this crap is behind us. When we truly become a fair and civilized society. Presently, we are neither. Thanks for sharing. 

Guantanamo Bay's detention center is the proof that the political leaders of the United States find the inalienable rights of all human beings nothing more than a joke!  The existence of such a terrible place, practicing the antithesis of what our Bill of Rights proclaims shames me more than any one thing this nation has created and allowed to be part and parcel of our collective mindset for close to 13 years now!  The longer we collectively agree that this treatment of human beings is alright the farther we get from being able to change policy to never allowing such repugnant policies to happen again and the more the men in this hellhole have their very lives taken from them  unconstitutionally!  Don't say the constitution doesn't apply to them to me.  It applies to ALL free thinking human beings.  Period!   

Gitmo is something most Americans never even think about just like they have no idea the American republic only exist in there television polluted minds.  People scream about there personal constitutional rights and have no idea that the constitution has been cancelled .. "they" just have not made the official announcement yet! Gitmo has got nothing over any concentration camp of the past .. pick one any one from Stalin, to Moa, to Roosevelt, to Hitler .. Gitmo is horrific just like there bulls $hit killing of Osama bin laden, who was reported as dead of natural causes on FOX news in Dec of 2001 .. but opps! lets pretend that never happened and the brain dead public will go with what ever the TV says is real today 



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