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UK Elites Push for New Laws to Lower Age of Consent to 12 Years Old

UK Elites Push for New Laws to Lower Age of Consent to 12 Years Old


A new push for changes to the law by UK Elites has caused outrage after the proposed new rules state that children as young as 12 will be old enough to consent to sex with pedophiles.

The revised new legislation is designed to block victims of child sex abuse from taking legal action against their rapist on the grounds that they “consented”. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) received a huge backlash earlier this year when it emerged that almost 700 child victims of pedophilia had been refused compensation due to claims from their attackers that they had “consented”, even in the cases where the rapists had been jailed for the crimes.

The new revisions have been blasted by child protection charities such as Victims Support and Barnardo’s, who have accused the Elite of “victim blaming” in an attempt to normalize their horrific crimes. Currently, it is illegal for an adult to have sex with a child under the age of 16, but the new changes would mean a child rape victim would be blocked from filing a lawsuit against their rapist if the abuser says that the child “consented” to it.

The Guardian reports: David Lidington, the justice secretary, told MPs last week that the rules would be changed so that victims of child-grooming rings would no longer be refused compensation as happened with some survivors. However, CICA’s revised guidance states that victims of child sexual abuse can still be disqualified from the scheme on the basis that “consent ‘in fact’ is different from consent ‘in law’.”

Even in cases involving children, it says that “where the sexual activity is truly of the applicant’s free will no crime of violence will have occurred”. Sammy Woodhouse, one of the most prominent survivors of the Rotherham grooming scandal, described the revised guidance as “absolutely disgusting … I’m outraged and I definitely won’t believe in this.

I’m going to continue to campaign and I’m going to ring David Lidington tomorrow,” she said. Sarah Champion, Rotherham’s MP, said it was “despicable” and called for the justice secretary to intervene. “It’s basically saying that the state doesn’t believe you, that you’re likely to be a liar on this and that is entirely the wrong message to send out,” she said.

“It’s making it very clear that there are civil servants making subjective judgments and this guidance is not working on the assumption that both the judge and the child is telling the truth. “It’s working on the assumption that it’s unlikely that a crime of violence happened and these are all the things you need to bear in mind when you’re validating that assumption. It’s entirely the wrong way round.”

It emerged last week that Woodhouse, whose evidence in court helped convict one of the most notorious Rotherham grooming ringleaders, was initially refused compensation when the CICA concluded that she consented and was not manipulated.

The government body told her: “I am not satisfied that your consent was falsely given as a result of being groomed by the offender. The evidence does not indicate that you were manipulated or progressively lured into a false relationship.” When Woodhouse appealed against the decision she was offered a small settlement, which was eventually altered and she was awarded the maximum amount. Her abuser, Arshid Hussain, was last year jailed for 35 years along with his brothers after being convicted of multiple offenses including rape, abduction and indecent assault.

The gang of three brothers, their uncle, and two women were found guilty of 55 serious offenses, some of which lay undetected for almost 20 years. The CICA began a review of its guidelines in July following criticism from charities including Barnardo’s and Victim Support.


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Disgusting freaks.

Well there is a surprise...not

On one hand they wave the 'ooh, pedophilia is bad, m'kay' puppet while at the same time the other hand has the 'pedophilia is an legitimate alternative lifestyle, children are sexual, and we embrace any religion or political ideology that agrees with this' puppet.

Time's Up...

Society has reached the point where a 2 year old "knows" they were assigned the wrong sex and can start taking hormone therapy, Bill Nye and others are teaching children to try all the "flavors of sexuality" in cartoons, any parent who doesn't allow their 10 year old daughter to have a 35 year old boyfriend is shamed and the current "no consent" laws aren't being observed.   A society that doesn't protect its children is doomed.



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