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When It Comes To 9/11 Truth, Trump Is NOT Your Guy - Completely Oblivious To Reality

When It Comes To 9/11 Truth, Trump Is NOT Your Guy - Completely Oblivious To Reality

Mon Jul. 27, 2015

Despite all the outrageous stunts and patently racist quotes from Donald Trump's current campaign for president, the real estate mogul continues to lead as the front-runner for the GOP nomination.

The Washington Post's David Weigel recently visited a Trump "family picnic" to take a look at the pandemonium surrounding the campaign. It's also where 9/11 Truth Activist Rick Shaddock happened to be before meandering into the press room to ask the following question:

"As a builder of many sckscapers, you know they're built to be strong," said Shaddock. "Many people have questions about how those towers came down."

Trump rejected the question, asking the reporters in the room, "Is this guy some kind of conspiracy guy?" But he shouldn't have been all too surprised by Shaddock's presence. After all, if you're going to peddle outrageous conspiracy theories, you're going to attract outrageous conspiracy theorists.

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Trump was smart to stay away from that question. Either answer is a loser. You aren't going to find a perfect candidate just as you aren't going to find perfect people. Trump is the only candidate talking about illegals and wanted to make America great again. God help us if Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush become president. We don't need another weak, straw Republican candidate like McCain and Romney.


Trump wants to bomb Iraq again just like the neocons & steal all their oil.

That's his "answer" to ISIS rather than just stop funding them.

Donald Trump on Edward Snowden: Kill the ‘traitor’

Donald Trump = Israeli Firster

Trump Supports Assault Weapons Ban and Longer Waiting Periods


This guy is shit.

I actually have met god's agent (the Christ / I AM) spirit.

From what I got, GOD, doesn't give a shit about anything

any ego ever lost or cares about;

because God transcends ego.

I know. That's tuff to absorb

if you live in LA.

But it's the god-damned Truth!

(just sayin')

If you were a Christian you wouldn't be speaking like that.

I know what the christ is. Never said anything 'bout being a christian. Hypocrisy aint my thing.

Donald Trump Thinks You Should Be Able To Bring Guns Anywhere, Except His Own Hotels

Trump is a chump just as I believe that Putin is just a better chess player. They are both playing the political game. Don't believe the hype!

Anyone that prevents all the oil nations from being destroyed & controlled like the PNAC document states is a friend of mine.

BTW I'm still voting for McAfee.

I guess I have no friends because I would rather gather up the free energy that Tesla found, bottle it up and save the world instead of being led by these political minded, maniacal pricks who are deeply invested in power and the bottom line, a piece of fucking paper.

No, you have friends. We surround You. :)

It's all good, just venting... :)



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