Yellow Vest’s Not Giving Up, Take To The Streets For 27th Week In A Row

 Politicians’ had called for “unity” in the wake of the Notre Dame fire, but for the protesters the response to the fire only showed more inequality.

RT reports: Officials were quick to criticize the protesters for returning to the streets so soon after the disaster.

“The rioters will be back tomorrow,” Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told reporters on Friday. “The rioters have visibly not been moved by what happened at Notre-Dame.”

Yellow Vest Protest 2019 Update TTTG News- YouTube

 For many of the protesters, grief over the destruction of the 800-year-old landmark has made way for anger. With smoke still rising from Notre Dame, a group of French tycoons and businessmen pledged €1 billion to the cathedral’s reconstruction, money that the Yellow Vests say could be better spent elsewhere.

“If they can give dozens of millions to rebuild Notre Dame, they should stop telling us there is no money to respond to the social emergency,” trade union leader Philippe Martinez told France 24.

Saturday’s protests saw a return to scenes familiar since the Yellow Vests first mobilized in November to protest a fuel tax hike. Demonstrators in Paris’ Bastille district set barricades on fire and smashed vehicles, and police deployed tear gas to keep the crowds at bay.

Some 60,000 police officers were deployed across the country, while a security perimeter was set up around Notre Dame in Paris. A planned march that would have passed the site was banned by the authorities, but sporadic incidents of vandalism and looting took place across the city, with at least one car torched.

There were also clashes between protesters and gendarmerie in the capital. The police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the crowd, arresting 189 people, according to France Info.

Yellow Vest rallies also took place in Nantes, Pau, Caen, Montbeliard, Bordeaux, Lyon and other French cities. The total number of people who took to the streets on Saturday reached 9,600, with 6,700 of them protesting in Paris, the Interior Ministry said.

Beginning as a show of anger against rising fuel costs in November, the Yellow Vests movement quickly evolved into a national demonstration of rage against falling living standards, income inequality, and the perceived elitism and pro-corporation policies of President Emmanuel Macron. Over 23 weeks of unrest, Macron has made several concessions to the protesters’ demands, but has thus far been unable to quell the rising dissent.

After Notre Dame caught fire on Monday, the president postponed a television address to the nation, during which he was expected to unveil a package of tax cuts and other economic reforms, another measure to calm the popular anger in France.

Macron’s address will be held on Thursday.

 Now, for a update.

 A embedding code has been applied into the video forums. So this lady named Nonya Bizness, left a comment, AssHole!! at YouTube, on the video called Yellow Vest Protest 2019 Update@ YouTube

'so she was tracked down to' Vimeo:

   Nonya Bizness @ Vimeo, and YouTube, is she the one that flagged the videos. It is not clear if she is left wing, black, white, or Hispanic. But she is a nut case lose or loose, detached mentally on the internet. 

We are confirming that Nonya Bizness entered the forum at youtube within minutes to 60 minutes and posted her comment. It was also noted by my dad even before he published other videos, it had been viewed several times.

Our team will find out who she is.

This Video is not contrary to the Globalist Narrative, the Globalist of the UN Global Migration Compact for open borders is why the fight still continues.

 Besides She is being tracked down, to see if she is the one flagging our network team's videos. And how she finds out so fast that a video is up. YouTube and Vimeo depends on people to flag the videos, as millions go up on line every day.

 The auto system for screening failed.

 We could not find out all we wanted to know from google, so I bing a search, which does not mean she is the same person, but please note, a year ago our team tracked down a girl name Debbie, she was at this site and others, so their African network flagged a video exposing fake IDs for illegals. They started selling the fake IDs under the name of the Tea Party Command Center. We also shut that down.

 Nonya Bizness @ Tea Party Command Center, is she the same person attacking our videos and we will find out and Hank will put together a team and attack her sites.

 Like I said we do not know yet if it is her,"Nonya Bizness @ Tea Party Command Center " but our team, is tracking her tracking cookies her foot print in the internet.

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It was a simple test to prevent flagging, and track the activity against our network.

 Nonya Bizness, left a comment, AssHole!! because the video could not be flagged.

 And yes this blog is support the people of France. We do have the original videos of the yellow vest protesters from England to Germany to France.

 Our counter attacks will start soon, just days away.


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