Zero Hedge: "Watch China Cut BBC Live Feed When Correspondent Mentions Muslim Internment Camps "

by Tyler Durden

"Watch China Cut BBC Live Feed When Correspondent Mentions Muslim Internment Camps"

"China suddenly cut a BBC broadcast as the network's China correspondent began to discuss Beijing's detention of more than a million Uighur Muslims in "re-education" camps. 

The BBC's Stephen McDonell filmed the moment it happened as he began to discuss the infamously poor treatment of the Turkic ethnic minority living in China's northwestern Xinjiang province. 

After going on air at 7am to file his account of the trip, he decided to record the 8am replay.

The video shows his TV in China going blank as he says: “One thing he might be expected by some in Muslim countries to raise would be the question of the camps in the far west of China. There’s up to...” -Independent

McDonell said that the same thing happened the previous day. 

"We can pretty much predict the subjects when they will cut the feed and recently coverage of Xinjiang’s mass “re-education” camps has been just such a subject," he said."

read the rest here:

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JewTube just wipes all out. In many ways worst then China...

I don't think that's true,... gimme a minute to Jewggle it.

Meanwhile in China the Chinese government has forced Uighur Muslims into hard labor and reeducation camps.

China inspired Google and Pootube. 

Yes, the suppression of public broadcasting is wrong, but is rounding up Muslims so bad? Perhaps not. I'm not advocating persecution but I would suspect quite a few are Sharia Law kill your daughter in front of the neighbors type of entertainment.

That's my line of thinking, Doc. I worked at the hospitals in Dallas with many muslims, I didn't see them as a threat. Not anymore. I've SEEN proof if how they are taking over! I've heard their mullahs screaming they will infiltrate, destroy and takeover America, and the world. They're damn sure doing it, too.

They close down entire streets, areas, where THEY rule. Sharia law is creeping in.

The deep state is in line to takeover. The Democrat Liberal Communist Left Party has decided, publicly, that they will do whatever it takes to take this country. They are ready for civil war, no matter what. Their hopes are that the caravans come help in that war.

There's millions of Patriots, including me, that will defend our Constitution and Country. Fed the hell up.

The Chinese originally embraced Christians in the beginning until they analyzed the Bible and instead of looking upon those who accept the Bible as "Do as the Romans do," but instead realizing that there is an authority higher than government and that's God, well that didn't sit well with the Chinese with their ALL KNOWING ALL ECOMPASSING COMMUNITY HARD LINER GOVERNMENT! Is it possible that a human form of government could be all knowing all seeing? NOPE! Omnipotence does is not a capability of humans, of God? Oh, I would say so.

Amen. The Chinese government shows us what a godless country looks like, others are a reminder of the same. And, despite it, folks in China are meeting in caves, anywhere safe. If caught they will die. I have a video of them worshipping God in a cave.

Hey Tina, can you point me in the direction of where a "godful" country is? Thanx in advance.

My theory is that communism is a religion of the state. The state assumes the role of god and is the creator for the population. As with all religions it is based on faith not facts and it can cannot tolerate any competing ideas. The Muslim religion is a very aggressive form of faith-based control and would in time destroy the communist government. What the Muslims would replace it with would be just as bad for non-Muslims.

Communism is a top down crime syndicate that uses the illusion of equality by creating class warfare always demonizing the rich! The Muslims came into existence from a delusional, murderer and pedophile named Mohammad who created the religion! Christianity was not created by man and nothing Jesus Christ ever did in his life or said was a contradiction to morality or humanity unlike Mohammad who called for the extermination of infidels! And they still do today!


"Destroying the New World Order"

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