about the MOX spent fuel rods involved in the explosion.  One of my many degrees is in Physics.  The prospect of Plutonium being aerosolyzed is extremely frightening.   1 gm of plutonium is enough to kill 30,000 people , and there are thousands of tons of plutonium on the Fukushima site. 

So, what to do?  KI is only protective for radioactive iodine.   There was a study that showed thousands of "excess deaths" in the Pacific Northwest following Chernoble.   The fallout was not directly dangerous, but radioactive strontium which fell on grass was eaten by cows and accumulated in their milk since strontium has similar chemistry to calcium.   Some time ago I made a list of readily available radioprotective nutrients and herbs.   All these substances had a significant increase in survival rates following radiation exposure in laboratory animals.    There is an enormous body of research behind these supplements; suggest you get some before they too are "out of stock":


    Centella asiatica (Gotu Kola) extract (100 mg/kg body wt.) administered
orally has recently been shown to provide total body protection in mice against
sublethal (8 Gy) 60Co gamma radiation.  Available everywhere.

    Ginkgo biloba - An ethanol (30%) extract of the dried leaf at a
concentration of 100 µg/mL was effective when tested on a culture exposed to
clastogenic factors from plasma of human subjects exposed to irradiation
Treatment of recovery workers from the Chernobyl accident site was found to be
effective when an oral dose of 40 mg/day was given 3 times daily for 2 months.
An intravenous infusion of an ethanol extract of G. biloba leaves, at a dose of
100 mg/person was found to be effective on patients with vasogenic oedema
observed after irradiation of the brain.  Available everywhere.

    Hippophae rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn; Family: Elaegnaceae) juice extract
inhibits radiation-induced DNA strand breaks in mouse thymocytes in a dose-
dependent manner. Hippophae extract under ex vivo conditions induced a strong
compaction of chromatin making the nuclei resistant to a radiation dose as
high as 1000 Gy.  Available at health food stores.

    Peppermint.  Oral administration of Mentha piperita (1 g/kg body wt/day)
prior to sublethal radiation exposure (8 Gy) was found to be effective against
the chromosomal damage in bone marrow of Swiss albino mice. Irradiated animals
exhibited chromosomal aberrations in the form of chromatid and chromosome breaks,
centric rings, dicentrics exchanges and acentric fragments, while animals
pre-treated with M. piperita extract showed a significantly lesser number of
aberrant cells.  It also significantly increased GSH levels and decreased the
lipid peroxidation level in irradiated mice.   Available everywhere.

    Ocimum sanctum (Holy Basil) - Aqueous extract was more effective in
increasing survival, compared with the ethanol extract. The optimal dose for
protection was reported to be 50 mg/kg b.w (intraperitoneal administration)
[Chromosome protection] In addition, O. sanctum extract also protected mouse
liver against radiation-induced lipid peroxidation.  Plants, seeds, herb
available widely.

    Panax ginseng has been reported by several workers...showed that
recovery of thrombocyte and erythrocyte counts in blood after irradiation was
the major factor responsible for radiation protection. The whole extract of
ginseng and the relative protective effects of various fractions (carbohydrate,
protein and saponins) have been evaluated. The results showed that the
water-soluble whole extract of ginseng provided the best protection.
[more important was pre-treatment]  Available everywhere.

    Podophyllum hexandrum (Himalayan Mayapple; Berberidaceae)  Pre-irradia
tion administration of P. hexandrum rhizome extract protected mice in a
dose-dependent manner (optimal dose being 200 mg/kg body weight rendering
80% survival for 30 days) against whole-body lethal -irradiation (10 Gy).
The extract was also found to provide cytogenetic protection, as observed by
a decrease in radiation (2 Gy)induced micronuclei frequency upon
pre-irradiation treatment. Radioprotective properties of P. hexandrum
were found to be comparable and in some cases even better than synthetic
radioprotectors such as diltiazem and WR-2721.  P. hexandrum has also been
demonstrated to provide protection to the male reproductive system. 
P. hexandrum has been shown to act in a multifaceted manner and provide
protection to haematopoietic, gastrointestinal, reproductive and central nervous
system. It is apparent that P. hexandrum is a promising radioprotector and may
be useful in providing protection during both planned and unplanned radiation
exposures.  Must grow - toxic raw.

    (Guduchi) Oral admin. of an aqueous extract of Tinospora cordifolia
(5 mg/kg body weight per day) to Swiss albino mice 1 h prior to sublethal whole-
body radiation exposure (8 Gy) provided 33% survival (at 30 days). The same dose
, when given for 15 consecutive days, produced 100% survival until day 9 and 50%
of the animals survived until day 24.  All the animals died within 30 days
suggesting that Tinospora cordifolia is partially effective against sub-lethal
radiation dose.  Available.

    Cat's Claw, the Amazonian wonder herb, also known as Uncaria tomentosa or Uña
de Gato, has been available for years, but there are various qualities of
extracts. Dual-Action Cruciferous Vegetable products contain only Cat's Claw
water extract which has naturally occurring potent compounds called carboxy
alkyl esters. These compounds, not found in typical Cat's Claw products, have
properties of DNA repair and anti-inflammation, and immune stimulation. Cat's
claw protects cells against oxidative stress and inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced iNOS gene expression, nitrite formation, cell death and inhibited the activation of NF-kappa

   Others - Nigella Sativa, Silymarin, Spirulina

_____Some Nutrient Supplements_________________

glutathione / NAC
Vitamin C
Vitamin E in large doses if adequately absorbed!

I'm attaching a good review article about radioprotective supplements.

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Thanks for the great info!

“Treatments for Nuclear Contamination”
Link: http://blog.imva.info/medicine/treatments-nuclear-contamination

I would add chlorella, graviola, boswellia extract, tumeric (curcumin), iodine (Lugol's and Iodoral), cesium (pH Plus) and strontium. Also, there's a good blend of 16 mushrooms called Immune Defense by Source Naturals. WRT iodine, try to take at least 25mg a day. See the free guide at www.steppingstones.com by Stephie on how to take iodine as there are some co-nutrients that should be taken. Many people are taking 100mg of iodine per day, not just for radiation protection but also to drive out the accumulated fluorine, bromine, mercury, lead, cadmium. All these accumulated things will eventually lead to a premature death after several years of declining health (Alzheimer's, cancer, Parkinson's, diabetes). BTW, avoid all GMO's and vaccines and drink water that is devoid of fluorine, THM's, etc. We use a Berkey filter with the optional fluoride filter. Works great. Take very short showers as tap water is loaded with all the nasty stuff. Shower filters let a lot of it through but do help. Drink a lot of pure water before showering will help limit the amount soaked in through the lungs and skin. Use good soap. Dr Bronner's is great. Use truly organic shampoo. Meditate and be kind to all.

I purchased a one gallon water distiller from amazon for $185, since then found them cheaper elsewhere. My stilled water tests 000 pmm with a cheap $18 TDS meter (total dissolved solids) meter. Looking into my distiller, i have no idea why anyone would call lime an essential mineral. I take daily mineral supplements to replenish. I have been drinking distilled water for over a year now, with no side effects other than a clearer mind and longer term memory. My distiller also has an activated charcoal pack on the out spout.

Calcium carbonate dissolved in water is not lime.  For most people who do not supplement with minerals, water is a significant source of their daily calcium intake.

Distillation does NOT remove dangerous volatile chemicals in your water - they just evaporate and condense along with the water .   That's why the activated charcoal pack is important, but I wouldn't trust it without independent laboratory analysis.

Please do your research people - excess Iodine is as bad as iodine deficiency.  You should have thyroid tests if you exceed 1mg/day.   Take KI only if radioactive iodine is present.


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