From The Get

April 25, 2013

back in mommies womb already groomed
like a thorn rights ripped torn
twinkle in daddys a stain on the sheet
thought form wavelength frequency in fact
youre infinite all that except programmed
but you dont know it chemicals spill
just pop a pill shit vaccinate
junk makes dna aspartame

from the get
in a ringer
from the get
suffring lingers
from the get
slave to the machine
from the get
brain gets clean

nothin but a dream an illusion indeed
corporate greed cant notice
but babies show us wheres your focus
where can it be its me
the center of attention a win is a win
injustice system us against them
school system a meat grinder
repeat what youre told it's getting old


get ready ta die stress sent via
fluoride a by product of aluminum
toxic nauseous but then again lead
added to gasoline mercury fillings
get your daily dose chemtrail laid low
poison swallow subliminals
walt disney lethality
but we dont need cookie cut cousins
creepy reptilians wishing were kissing
getting picked on peaked at dawn
stupid pawns done and bleed
but we dont need shit down our throats
agendas for corporations
they fake data for donations
the vatican is rich ya wonder
lightning thunder cracks
christ crash break the rash
of insanity stuck in a trans
can't grasp it goddamnit
a lost land but it gets better
fuck this tether with dignity
fuck the man yeah bring it
pendulums where it belongs
way to long lead with song
evils gone

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