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Hey All,  I'd like you folks to meet an old friend Les Visible

  • James Roberts

    I disagree that all religions are the same. I will say that the irresponsibility the masses of European descent have shown in denying the crimes of the Tribe and denying that the races are different will all come due, just like paying bills with bad checks. The "coming due" part will mean that people like myself will have to make of the world an abbatoir, for quite some time. With much loss of innocent life, and setting society back far. Way to go, dorks.

  • steve

    Hey James,Nowhere in any of this or Visible's other thoughts does he come close to saying "all religions are the same", as he time after time makes clear all religions are man made concepts to control and fleece the sheep. His statements have always been crystal clear that there is only ONE CREATOR as consistently as he identifies the eveeeeeel that are the tribe of j-ws and their bought and owned minions(whores) who have sold their souls for some temporary lead roles in the short time they have on this plane of existence.