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5G and Coronavirus

I've looked into this subject pretty deeply, and I am extremely dubious of the idea that 5G is responsible for the coronavirus effects. How would that explain effects on a ship, or a plane? Or transfer of effects to countries other than that where it originated? It impacts oxygen , all right, in the same manner that radioisotopes affect lead shielding. Oxygen stops it, that'd why they need broadcast generators every so many meters. I see barking up the wrong tree, which is dangerous for the average Joe and Jane, and their kids. If the virus is a hoax, why take precautions?

It may well have some kind of sinister effect on human beings, but, wow, it sure would be an exotic means. Like affecting communication between microtubules, the fundamental building blocks of cells (which is only conjecture at this point in time). Too exotic for the most advanced equipment we know of to verify, at present. No, I don't want 5G in my neighborhood. I don't, and never will own a cell phone, and very much dislike the smart meter attached to the rear wall of my apartment. Nevertheless, I don't see any connection between 5G and the effects attributed to the coronavirus. Prove me wrong. The videos and articles I've seen on the subject display a profound lack of understanding of the basic facts.

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  • King Of Cups

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  • James Roberts

    King of Cups - I read through all of these links you posted, and it is basically the same thing. They lump 5G in with all other wireless (or even all other electromagnetic) exposure, which is not the right way to get at the truth. It's kind of like the toxicity of Americium. This radioactive isotope is in most all smoke detectors (slightly less than a microgram). And if you sit it very near a Geiger counter, it sounds like heavy rain on a tin roof. But if you plated a metal watch band with it, it would be perfectly safe to wear. Because Americium emits only Alpha particles, which do not penetrate the skin. If you ingest it, however, or are shot with a bullet coated with it, that's a different story.

    Same with 5G. If you had a 5G broadcast antenna implanted in your brain, that would likely cause some serious problems. But as that has likely never occurred even once with even an animal test subject, we have little to worry about from 5G frequencies.

  • King Of Cups

    James Roberts- I am not going to pretend I am a scientist or that I truly know anything when it comes to 5G. You appear to be better educated regarding this topic so I will defer to you.

    I am waiting to see the results of the tests on the impacts on human health (particularly unborn in the womb) presently being done by the Swiss to determine if 5G actually does pose a significant threat. The Swiss have responsibly placed a moratorium on their 5G implementation while they conduct these tests.