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UNESCO: Climate Denial To Be Criminalized And Prosecuted Climate Change Technocracy UNESCO FEBRUARY 24, 2020

The Technocrat tango is shifting into high gear to force the world to dump Capitalism and Free Enterprise and adopt Sustainable Development in its place. Global warming deniers would face penalties comparable to war crimes......bla bla bla....Technocrats know that their plan for global Technocracy will NOT WORK until the US is neutralized, which is why we are under a full spectrum attack by climate fanatics... FUTILE ! FUTILE ! FUTILE !  Their endtimes is Nigh!

"It is not the human that is making these changes, but earth/Gaia, who is a living soul and ourselves, of which We humanity are much more than human, and our sun which is portal. Those who are the globalists are not of earth, but the controllers of earth and manipulators of our every day life since time millennium when this world was in developing process. THEY [I think they are hybrids/patched up with human parts] think they still have the right to rule over us. Gaia, in earth form, ourselves - Divine Consciousness in human form, and our sun - flowing in the higher (lighter) frequency energy, these are the powerful PureEnergy of source are shifting this world into the higher levels of energy, that is, to the higher levels of consciousness.

We are waking up in droves and THEY are bringing out all sorts of ridiculous rules and regulations, and hell bent on bashing us back down to the lower energies that they thrive in in the effort to stay in control. No way jose, there is no stopping us, and THEY are on their way out. Who are We?" example... HEY AL GORE ye can't win em all!