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Strangers in Our Own Land, Protest Under Fire (Original Content)

So many people are now complaining the Occupy Protests are obstructing commerce, obstructing the public's right to enjoy their parks, and university campus grounds, as well as posing health issues. This is the reason claimed by Mayor Bloomberg in New York City as the justification for defying court orders that specifically state that the protestor's first amendment rights trump such justifications. There is of course a New York Sanitation Department that gets paid very well to address these latter issues. As for the former issues, then a question arises as to just who the "Public" is? Are all Americans the "Public"? If so, then aren't the protestors the "Public" as well?


These arguments were also made against another large protest, but before I reveal which; let's address another question, shall we? What is the subject matter of the current protests? Some claim the 'OWS' is nothing more than an Anti-Capitalist Movement engineered by George Soros, and admittedly, there are numerous ties to this International Mover and Shaker, a reknowned Globalist, as being the financial backer allowing the protests to last as long as they have, and that many of the later protestors have been recruited by these organizations, (ADBUSTERS, TIDES FOUNDATION, etc.), to compromise, de-legitimize, and to change the very nature of how and why the protests began.

 The simple fact of the matter is; these protests began as a response to the largest, most infamous financial heist in the history of mankind, and it was perpetrated upon the American Public!


I speak of the Bush administered, and Obama perpetuated Bailouts of the "Too Big To Fail Banks", (which in a capitalist free market would have indeed failed), which mandated an unprecedented 800 Billion dollar bailout, which by the way according to the polls of the time, 96% of the American Public opposed. As bad as this was a blow to the american psyche, it was nothing compared to the GOA partial audit of the Federal Reserve system, only to find that 16 TRILLION was loaned a 0% interest to not only the "TBTF" banks, but practically every other country's central banks on the planet! This outrage sparked the original movement of the 99% vs. 1% protests and still is the mainstay of it's origins.


Now that we have gotten the obvious out of the way; I would like to re-introduce you to another time in America's history where the same charges were made against the protestors, and many of the same justifications were used to destroy their protest camps in a Public Park, and even went so far as murder. This is not the 60's I speak of but of July 28, 1932 when  the United States Army attacked and killed U.S. World War I veterans in Washington, D.C. The following is courtesy of ICKY PEOPLE.COM,

"Approximately 17,000 WWI veterans and another 25,000 family members had amassed in the nation's capitol in May, 1932 to demand the immediate payment of service certificates. The service certificates were similar to U.S. bonds, payable with interest at a future date, and had been issued to WWI veterans in 1924, but could not be redeemed until 1945. The rag tag group of veterans nicknamed themselves the "Bonus Army".

"The veterans continued protesting throughout the city, and having built two of their own mini-cities, or camps, with makeshift shacks from rubbish retrieved from a garbage dump, promised not to leave until they received their money.

The largest camp was at Anacostia Falls, now Anacostia Park, near the federal buildings in downtown Washington, D.C. The camps had shacks, streets laid out, sanitation, and the veterans held daily parades. They even required any veteran who wanted to live in the camp to register and prove they had been honorably discharged."

After the cavalry charged the infantry, with fixed bayonets and adamsite gas, entered the camps, evicting veterans, families, and camp followers. The veterans fled across the Anacostia River to their largest camp and President Hoover ordered the assault stopped. However Gen. MacArthur, feeling this exercise was a Communist attempt at overthrowing the U.S. government, ignored the President and ordered a new attack. Hundreds of veterans were injured and several killed—including William Hushka and Eric Carlson. A veteran's wife miscarried."


General's MacArthur, Patton, and Eisenhower, who would become heroes in World War II, were all involved in the attack on our own veterans."


There is much more to the story, but I believe most will get the gist of the point being made, hopefully, emphatically so.


Although, this is buried history and a shameful time in our history, of course, the burgeoning federal power and the totally out of control Military-Industrial Complex paid no heed to the lessons in history and began to silently co-opt National Guard Units, which culminated in the death of four students at Kent State University, two of them women. Allison Krause, 19 years old, of Pittsburgh; Sandra Lee Scheuer, 20, of Youngstown, Ohio, both coeds; Jeffrey Glenn Miller, 20, of 22 Diamond Drive, Plainsview, L.I., and William K. Schroeder, 19, of Lorain, Ohio.


The protestors were fired upon by the National Guard troops after an alleged sniper fired at the Guards, a claim that has since been proven false; meaning that American citizens had no problem whatsoever firing upon young innocent protestors, who also just happened to be American citizens. The Agent Provocatuers that had torched the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps building and which was used as a pretext to call in the Guard and martial law was declared, were never found, nor prosecuted.


Again, I must point out to one and all that they may have legitimate complaints about where these protestors set up and that it may disrupt their lives in varying degrees of inconvenience, but I do not recall any constitutional mandate that states protection from inconvenience is a God-given right, but I do remember that the First Amendment was included because the self-evident right to peacefully protest for a redress of grievances; is.


Besides, where would you have the public go to protest other than upon Publicly Accessible Parks and Universities that as taxpayers have every right to be there? I believe the answer should be obvious......

That is, unless true citizens that believe in the rights of all Americans to peacefully assemble, will offer up their homes, and their hospitality, so that protestors do not have to sleep on the ground in a Public Park...... Any volunteers in all the cities the protests are going on in?            Somehow, I didn't think so.

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  • Michael Clair

    There is a tolerance to the 1st Amendment, its in the small print. 

  • Freedomrox

    So small we can't see it, Michael? I see a "No Tolerance" of any freedoms to be honest.

  • Freedomrox

    Thank You Vincent. Been real busy last couple of days, so sorry for the time lag. Most people truly do not understand that NOTHING is new! If you want the answers to ALL of Today's matter what they are....just study history, real history, and the answer is there.